On the brink

tumbling to the bed,
words need not be said,

mouths locked in a kiss,
probing tongue brings bliss,

hair brushed from face,
loving fingers trace,

kissing down the neck,
such a sensual trek,

fingernails drawing circles,
round darker flesh that crinkles,

body feels it’s on fire,
burning with wanton desire,

nail scratches tip,
such sensations rip,

tip of tongue does track,
makes me arch my back,

fingers grasping hips,
teat sucked between the lips,

hands caressing arse cheeks,
as warm passion leaks,

gentle kisses down belly,
innards quiver like jelly,

hands parting my thighs,
slowly closing eyes,

hot breath washes over,
as your mouth does hover,

tender fingers opening,
portals that are moistening,

still blowing air,
on nub that lies there,

fingers dipped in juices,
wonderful feelings induces,

circling that hard nub,
then over it does rub,

screaming with pleasure,
teases at leisure.

plunging fingers deep,
where those juices seep,

stroking inner walls,
lapping juicy drip that falls,

four times to the brink,
before you make things sink,

licking bottom to top,
begging you don’t stop,

flickering at nub,
inside your fingers rub,

arching my back,
juices flowing down crack.

dying to release,
for your attentions please,

this time you allow,
tenderly kissing brow.


slowly closing eyes and starting to fantasize,
getting lost in the erotica, I’ve just browsed,
feeling the body getting more and more aroused,
which warmth spreading from the loins, does emphasize,
and sense of extreme moistening between the thighs,
slipping thin straps of the camisole down my arms,
surrendering to the caress of loving palms,
and knowing fingertips, which engender such sighs,
upon these soft heaving breasts and hard aching crests,
imagining your fingers, rather than my own,
torturously teasing that nipple, till I groan,
then warmth of your mouth, as your kiss tenderly quests,
downward from my face, upon hot responsive skin,
imagining you, slowly exploring body,
and sensation of it, does my mind embody,
arching my back, as tongue flickers over nubbin,
not too fast nor slow but at pace that is ideal,
hips gyrating, to rhythm your actions dictate,
wilder and wilder, as sensations concentrate,
so lost in fantasy, where it all seems so real.


the fragrant candle splutters in its sconce,
silken nightgown slowly slithers to the ground,
wantonly grin, pleased at your body’s response,
for such impassioned blood, through veins must pound.

moonlight highlights my long raven tresses,
as they fan across your stomach like wings,
exotic nature, my tongue stud stresses,
when my mouth, such exquisite pleasure brings.

those hardened nipples drill into your chest,
as I guide you into my molten heat,
enjoying closeness, for awhile we rest,
through squashed breast, feel pounding of your heartbeat.

bodies moving with such wild abandon,
hips raised forcibly to meet each new thrust,
spilling fluids which sate each other’s lust,
till we bask in our sensual exhaustion.

Slowly awakening

head rests on your shoulder, your arm wrapped round me,
though it’s late, I’m not hurrying to get up,
for I want to savour, this intimacy,
as the curve of my warm hip, your fingers cup.

my shallow breathing, rustling hairs on your chest,
soft breast, flattened sensually against your side,
both half awake now, yet content just to rest,
fingers slowly caressing across backside.

light from the hallway casting sensual shadows,
sensing breathing deepening and flesh start stirring,
rubbing feet on your legs, to warm my cold toes,
snuggling myself back into your warmth, purring.

my fingers start to circle round your nipple,
it starts stiffening as does your morning glory,
as fingertips caress the bumpy stipple,
barely awake I caress you, con amore.

smiling mischievously against your broad chest,
knowing last night’s exhaustion has disappeared,
for your flesh rouses as my fingers molest,
my bright expectant eyes up into yours, peered.

suddenly rolling over, you move with me,
knowing I like it like that, in the morning,
wrapping your body round me, as your lust grew,
wriggling my backside against it, in greeting.

hands gently cup the fullness of heaving breasts,
on hardening nipples, your fingers tweaking,
against my pliant behind, your hardness rests,
upon my nether lips, morning dew leaking.

your morning glory meets my hangover horn,
crown of your arousal, parting swollen lips,
Into my hot, wet tightness you’re slowly drawn,
as I press back against you with languid hips.

until trim hairs are pressed against my buttock,
resting, with you buried in me, barely moving
your fingers drawing circles on my stomach
my own fingers, the hairs of your arm stroking.

finally bodies start moving to and fro,
nearly pulling out, then sliding slowly back in,
movements extremely deliberate and slow,
seeping juices does lips and hard shaft sequin.

there’s almost soothing feeling to our coupling,
so unhurried and languorous our movements,
that soft sensual slurp of our bodies meeting,
as lust slowly ascends orgasmic gradients.

gently holding curve of my hip, as we make love,
watching your hard flesh, slowly sliding in and out,
my hips push backwards, as into me you shove,
that our bodies suit each other, beyond doubt.

my fingers caress at junction of my thighs,
as your thumb gently rubs that puckered rosette,
bedroom starts to echo with our laboured sighs,
fingertips on hard, yearning nub expertly fret.

convulsing muscular spasms drawing you deep,
as that first orgasmic wave ripples from core,
juices round buried flesh, so liberally seep,
our bodies start moving faster than before.

thrusting into my heat with increasing force,
my hips pushing backward far more desperately,
things become more urgent with our intercourse,
my voice orders you on, so immoderately.

this time clenching spasm, makes you come as well,
quivering flesh, milking you of your essence,
feeling you harden inside and your flesh swell,
hot seed merging with my own deliquescence.

staying buried inside, while I still quiver,
your lips softly kissing flushed flesh of my cheek,
juices freely flowing out, like a river,
as my hand reaches behind and for yours does seek

fingers entwined, flesh still joined on sodden sheets,
softly whispering, that you don’t want me to go,
remaining locked as we are, passion reheats,
as within my flesh, your hardness starts to regrow.

Sodden sheets


pulsating with such insatiable need,

yearning which infests both body and soul,

for you’re not there, for desires to heed,

grows to a hunger, so hard to control,

when all I want to do is touch myself,

even in office, with others around,

those furtive fingers, that relieve oneself,

teeth gripping lip, so I don’t make a sound,

or when I get home, and shackles truly shed,

imagining I’m following your command,

that you want to watch me, upon the bed,

hips grinding against my tormenting hand,

thighs glistening and sticky with my need,

abandoning myself as the passion heats,

till relieving that want, finally succeed,

there amidst my now crumpled, sodden sheets.



that torrent of moisture, which floods the core,
as my slip slithers off with a whisper,
puddling around my feet on the floor,
standing before you like a sculpture,
trembling slightly beneath your hot gaze,
as it moves slowly downward from my face,
and my nakedness, does slowly appraise,
round curves of breasts, feel your eyes trace,
as they heave up and down from arousal,
and nipples crinkle and become erect,
for they seem to meet with your approval,
judging by the time you take to inspect.
before at last your gaze drops lower down,
and from hot molten flood, feel I will drown.

Private dance

inhibitions loosened by way too much booze,
swaying sensually to the rhythm and blues,

fingers fumbling to undo a button,
your intense gaze, just makes me moisten,

finally slipping off my cotton blouse,
darker circles, puckering as they arouse,

knowing you’ll see them, for sheer lace doesn’t hide,
removing skintight jeans, not so dignified,

your lusting eyes soon travel down further,
for with wearing panties, just didn’t bother.

reaching behind back, to loosen strap where it joins,
that molten desire starts pooling in my loins,

letting my brassiere, flutter to the floor,
displaying nakedness, you so obviously adore,

there’s such open desire and lust in your gaze,
as you stare at plump pink lips, with telltale glaze,

gyrating my hips, once more to the music,
the atmosphere between us, so electric,

seductively giving you a private dance,
my sensual moves and caresses, do entrance,

hips swaying to rhythm of that primal beat,
as my fingertips grasp and roll each teat,

softly then harshly, doing my best to tease,
your solid response, shows me moves please,

as gaze follows my fingers as they descend,
closing my eyes, as between my thighs they bend,

scent of my arousal hangs heavy in the air,
slowly pleasuring myself with such savour-faire,

you can’t take your eyes from my sweat beaded flesh,
when I finally make my body, quiver and thresh,

smacking your hands away, when you try to clutch,
for did we not agree, you could look but not touch.