tongue flat against me, slowly sliding,

drawing small circles, with the curled point,

upon hard nub, emerged from hiding,

seeping juices does fingers anoint,

sliding into heat, starting to rub,

feeling pressure of my passion rise,

pulling at your head, dragging mouth from nub,

the need in my eyes, just can’t disguise,

you gaze deep into them from inches,

feeling fingers parting my moist lips,

as hardness follows, body flinches,

slowly pressing in, thrusting with hips,

holding each other’s gaze, pulling out,

then slowly filling me, once again,

glow of love in your eyes is devout,

pace of coupling does momentum gain,

till your thrusting becomes so urgent,

and pressure in my loins grows intense,

waves building, crashing in an instant,

again and again, then feeling you tense,

collapsing upon my trembling flesh,

wrapping arms round you, holding on tight,

body shudders and quivers afresh,

for soul still soars in euphoric flight.

7 thoughts on “Amorous

  1. Very erotic, lyrical, an intimacy that flows with the river sublime. Yes, yours is art and and an
    objet d’ art, very different, intense, subjective and I imagine it like a painting. Anand Bose from Kerala


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