Joyous throes


relishing attention, desired so much,
fondling and kissing, my heaving breasts,
nipples hardening, to your touch,
sucking hard upon, pouting aching crests,

moving from one breast, to the other,
nibbling, tugging, as your fingers roam,
gnawing nipples, soft groans I smother,
as my fingers, those gypsy curls comb,

soft underflesh, sucked till bruises,
writhing beneath, grasping your head,
over stomach, wet tongue cruises,
as you go down, to thighs widespread,

from moans and sighs, knows what pleases,
as your kisses float, upon my flesh,
down trembling thighs, lilac thong eases,
as you remove, the sodden mesh,

between my legs, inhaling heady scent,
and for first time, examining flushed folds,
swollen, smooth and moist, all hair is absent,
such lusciousness, rarely beholds,

parting nether lips, lowering tongue,
tasting juices, sweet and piquant,
licking from nub, now from hood sprung,
down to the rear, slightly pungent,

holding your head, my hips gyrating
teasing my core, with tongue and teeth,
fingers curling, special spot locating,
such tender loving, to squirm beneath,

breathing labored, fast approaching,
your tongue swirling, fingers rubbing,
between the cheeks, thumb encroaching,
upon aching flesh, gentle teeth grinding,

shiver and quaking, screaming your name,
so close to release , sweet juices gushing,
with arching neck, as I finally came,
my pallid flesh, ruddily flushing,

as tongue licks round, seeking moisture,
finding each drop, lapping them up,
as I quiver, from the pleasure,
my hands on breasts, do sorely cup,

slithering up, gently kissing face,
on my red lips, and then the nose,
upon closed eyelids, on forehead trace,
slowly come down, from joyous throes,

holding me close, being soothing,
brushing away, stray sweaty hairs,
while whispering, a sweet nothing,
joy in my eye, that someone cares.

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