Private dance

inhibitions loosened by way too much booze,
swaying sensually to the rhythm and blues,

fingers fumbling to undo a button,
your intense gaze, just makes me moisten,

finally slipping off my cotton blouse,
darker circles, puckering as they arouse,

knowing you’ll see them, for sheer lace doesn’t hide,
removing skintight jeans, not so dignified,

your lusting eyes soon travel down further,
for with wearing panties, just didn’t bother.

reaching behind back, to loosen strap where it joins,
that molten desire starts pooling in my loins,

letting my brassiere, flutter to the floor,
displaying nakedness, you so obviously adore,

there’s such open desire and lust in your gaze,
as you stare at plump pink lips, with telltale glaze,

gyrating my hips, once more to the music,
the atmosphere between us, so electric,

seductively giving you a private dance,
my sensual moves and caresses, do entrance,

hips swaying to rhythm of that primal beat,
as my fingertips grasp and roll each teat,

softly then harshly, doing my best to tease,
your solid response, shows me moves please,

as gaze follows my fingers as they descend,
closing my eyes, as between my thighs they bend,

scent of my arousal hangs heavy in the air,
slowly pleasuring myself with such savour-faire,

you can’t take your eyes from my sweat beaded flesh,
when I finally make my body, quiver and thresh,

smacking your hands away, when you try to clutch,
for did we not agree, you could look but not touch.

14 thoughts on “Private dance

  1. Teasing is so sexy and the last line. Brilliant. Haha. I would be like. Wtf. Can’t touch. Ugh!!!!!
    Great write.

    Where did you come from? and why haven’t I seen you before now lol

    Am here now. Great sexy writing. Will enjoy reading your words.


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