slowly closing eyes and starting to fantasize,
getting lost in the erotica, I’ve just browsed,
feeling the body getting more and more aroused,
which warmth spreading from the loins, does emphasize,
and sense of extreme moistening between the thighs,
slipping thin straps of the camisole down my arms,
surrendering to the caress of loving palms,
and knowing fingertips, which engender such sighs,
upon these soft heaving breasts and hard aching crests,
imagining your fingers, rather than my own,
torturously teasing that nipple, till I groan,
then warmth of your mouth, as your kiss tenderly quests,
downward from my face, upon hot responsive skin,
imagining you, slowly exploring body,
and sensation of it, does my mind embody,
arching my back, as tongue flickers over nubbin,
not too fast nor slow but at pace that is ideal,
hips gyrating, to rhythm your actions dictate,
wilder and wilder, as sensations concentrate,
so lost in fantasy, where it all seems so real.

17 thoughts on “Imaginings

  1. Please forgive this long comment…
    Kissed by the wind that carries a vision. Coming in with a flurry, landing soft and sensuously. Who would be to blame, the poet? Who scribed these words, so hearts can feel it’s passion? I think so. The art of erotica, so eloquently written. By the same poet who is to blame for driving the reader insane.

    Brilliant poem 🙏➰


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