On the brink

tumbling to the bed,
words need not be said,

mouths locked in a kiss,
probing tongue brings bliss,

hair brushed from face,
loving fingers trace,

kissing down the neck,
such a sensual trek,

fingernails drawing circles,
round darker flesh that crinkles,

body feels it’s on fire,
burning with wanton desire,

nail scratches tip,
such sensations rip,

tip of tongue does track,
makes me arch my back,

fingers grasping hips,
teat sucked between the lips,

hands caressing arse cheeks,
as warm passion leaks,

gentle kisses down belly,
innards quiver like jelly,

hands parting my thighs,
slowly closing eyes,

hot breath washes over,
as your mouth does hover,

tender fingers opening,
portals that are moistening,

still blowing air,
on nub that lies there,

fingers dipped in juices,
wonderful feelings induces,

circling that hard nub,
then over it does rub,

screaming with pleasure,
teases at leisure.

plunging fingers deep,
where those juices seep,

stroking inner walls,
lapping juicy drip that falls,

four times to the brink,
before you make things sink,

licking bottom to top,
begging you don’t stop,

flickering at nub,
inside your fingers rub,

arching my back,
juices flowing down crack.

dying to release,
for your attentions please,

this time you allow,
tenderly kissing brow.

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