tender touch

seductive words, lips by my ear softly say,
gently brushing my hair out of the way,
your fingertips across my flushed cheek stray,

with eyes tightly closed, feel lips gently peck,
at the sculpture of my sensitive neck,
sighing, as upwards those tender kisses trek,

running so very slowly across jaw,
sucking on lower lip, till I want more,
the touch of your tongue, makes desires soar,

tasting the Cointreau and your warm sweetness,
as tongues tangle, with blissful tenderness,
removing blouse, exposing breast’s pertness.

fingers trace to hollow ‘tween heaving breasts,
then mouth sucks of one of my scarlet crests,
one then the other, teasingly molests,

stroking my hands, on your silky smooth back,
you show tender touch, rougher lovers lack,
on hard, puckered flesh, exquisitely snack.

trail of your kisses back up, is divine,
as your luscious bared breasts, press against mine,
lick of your tongue, lines of my neck define,

stroking your pouting nipple, with my thumb,
as your tongue once again, licks round my gum,
your hands slip into pants, cupping my bum,

knowing what you want, so quickly shed them,
press of your hand, against responsive gem,
probing fingers, causing sensual mayhem.

mouth locked together, with passion we kiss,
the thrumming of fingers inside, brings bliss,
inner thighs, become slippery with wetness.

then you finally shed your underwear,
and open your legs, so that I can stare,
plump, moist pink folds beneath neatly trimmed hair,

letting my fingers touch, what I’m admiring,
dipping in juices, my thirst desiring,
heady musky scent, my nose acquiring,

leaning forward, till hairs tickle my nose,
spreading lips, till inner pinkness expose,
licking down from top, to dark puckered rose.

i’m so turned on by our salaciousness,
tasting your sweet and tart deliciousness,
making me want more of your lusciousness,

licking back up and finding that tight bud,
as fingers curve inside, to gently rub,
your hips rise, as my mouth pleases your hub,

yearning whimpers very quickly follow,
while in euphoric release you wallow,
that gush of your honeyed wine, I swallow.

watching your flushed flesh, finally relax,
as you slowly come down from your climax,
and your mouth into satisfied grin, cracks.

letting you take your turn, opening my thighs,
your face moves closer, to what between them lies,
tongue parting folds, just engenders my sighs,

lapping at me for an eternity,
then tongue circles, small hard extremity,
in spite of my pleas, showing no pity,

taking me to that new level of desire,
hips lift and gyrate, to lust you inspire,
innards feel so wet, flesh feels so on fire.

your tongue does things a hard man, never can,
for you know just what excites a woman,
over those right spots, so exquisitely ran.

screaming out your name, while begging for more,
as your plunging fingers, make juices pour,
blinding explosion, that radiates from core,

cleaning me up, kissing slowly back up,
then from your face, my own sweet juices sup,
as my glowing cheeks, you tenderly cup.

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