lost in your touch and my desire for you,
that yearning need, to have tenderness you bestow,
squirming as licks and kisses, make me mew
for your tongue descends, so teasingly slow.

leaving you in no doubt, as to my ache,
when your mouth hovers over the belly,
my fingers into your dark tresses snake,
as I feel my innards turn to jelly.

then I notice your teasing kisses stop,
just when I was hoping you’d get bolder,
my unfocused gaze down to your eyes drop,
tender no more, for now lust does smoulder,

holding my gaze, while tonguing my navel,
waiting for me to say, what I want next,
as if now trying to make me grovel,
having got my body, so oversexed.

your gaze holds mine, as it questioning me,
because for both of us, it’s all so new
what I want, should be obvious to see,
as should the things I want to do to you,

finally it’s you that breaks the impasse,
with a giggle, before your mouth does descend,
as your lifting hands, cup under my arse,
those licks and kisses sensually wend.

trying to hide, how much your touch unsettles,
as my hips writhe to the touch of your lips,
then fingers open those flushed plump, petals,
before my taut button, your tongue worships.

when my moaning sighs finally escape,
depth of yearning need no longer secret,
as your tongue does so torturously scrape,
till my pleading voice, begs you not to quit.

just before you take me over the edge,
your tongue delving in my font of hot lust,
and my evident arousal does dredge,
as wanton hips, towards your face do thrust.

rising up, your deep kiss silences pleas,
and allows me to taste my own essence,
within your soulful eyes, such delight sees,
at my own submissive acquiescence.

the look in your eye has me on fire,
and again, I completely lost in you,
lost in your love, your passion and desire,
for it all feels so beautiful and new.

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