my moans echo noisily down the hall,
and to you, they are a summoning call,
seated in the chair, with my back to you,
head rocking back and forth, all you can view,
until my chair slowly swivels around,
my stark wantonness leaving you spellbound,
naked, eyes closed and mouth hanging open,
my seeping juices, does leather seat moisten.

sprawled with my leg draped over the chair’s arm,
caressing my breast with a rubbing palm.
while the nails of other hand, flick at clit,
watching what I usually do in secret,
from the doorway, you’re an eager voyeur,
for the sight of me makes your flesh bestir,
as my fingers curl into my moist heat,
the other hand tugs hard upon left teat.

my heady aroma hangs in the air,
sliding my buttocks forward on the chair,
those soft mewing moans become far more urgent,
as waves of pleasure become insurgent,
fingers rubbing deeply within my quim,
your hardened flesh strains against the denim,
until you decide to quietly undress,
and your now throbbing flesh, slowly caress.

looking out from my heavily hooded eyes,
my fingers delving between splayed thighs,
grin tells you I’m aware of your presence,
and that I don’t really mind your impudence,
for I continue pleasuring myself,
whilst watching you playing with yourself,
the tempo of your curled finger’s stroking,
matching rhythm of my finger’s poking.

gazing deeply into each other’s eyes,
ever faster, fingers plunge between thighs,
thrusting up my hips to meet my digits,
as flesh quivers from sensual ripplets,
both so turned on, by the other’s display,
until I explode and those juices spray,
that’s all that’s needed to bring on your own,
to my trembling cries, you add your loud groan.

12 thoughts on “Watching

      1. I read again and need to say more. Your writing is sensuously beautiful. It drips with sexuality but done classy.
        Love your spice T. Thank you for sharing your art 🙏➰❤️


  1. Every post I’ve read is great, you really have good quality work! I could picture everything as I kept reading. Great job! 😄

    I’d really love to read your thoughts about my writing, if you have a chance to visit my blog. 🙂


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