the silence broken by our moans,
very soft and gentle at first,
increasing to guttural groans,
as we slake that sensual thirst.

moonlight shines on sweat beaded skin,
musk of arousal hanging heavy,
as we indulge ourselves in sin,
dripping juices, such sweet bevvy.

dark gypsy curls wrapped round your fist,
neck arching, as pert breasts thrust out,
brown eyes glazed by that sensual mist,
hardened nipples, achingly pout.

waiting to be sucked and bitten,
or twisted hard and sorely tweaked,
painful pleasure, with which I’m smitten,
has inner thighs, with juices sleeked.

loving the way, you take control,
feeling the firm smack of your hand,
assuming that submissive role,
counting out each one, as they land.

plunging into my wet tightness,
sending arousal to the brink,
possessed with the desired roughness,
filling thickness, into me does sink.

nipples pinched till they’re hurting,
face pressed hard, into the sheets
feel in depths, your cum start spurting,
trembling wildly till orgasm completes.

mouths pressing hard, as tongues entwine,
sharing bliss of euphoric moment,
as our bodies and souls combine,
when needy flesh finds fulfilment.

Giving and taking

your flickering serpentine tongue is relentless,
upon my fleshy nodule, now taut with desire,
probing of a finger in that tight orifice,
as others delve deep, in my well of liquid fire,
to your rhythmic lapping, bucking of wanton hips,
scrape of hard aching nipples, across your stomach,
as I take your hardness, between these painted lips,
fingernails dig into the flesh of your buttock,
whilst all the time, that quickening to ecstasy,
makes it harder to concentrate on bestowing,
teeth graze upon the other, with delicacy,
those tidal waves of pleasure, through me start flowing,
of muscles around fingers, that tightening grasp,
convulsive spasms, as movements become frantic,
milking fingers, as your spouting manhood they clasp,
whispered endearments afterwards, so romantic.


devouring, licking along the length,
lips wrapping round girth, sucking and moaning,
your fingers in my hair, tugging with strength,
taking all of you, causing that groaning,
constricting throat around the velvet tip,
pushing forward, so that I take even more,
rocking your hips, as you tighten your grip,
eyes watering, as gagging try to ignore,
tears run down, as thickness stretches my throat,
sound of my struggle, just hardens your lust,
sucking hard, upon your manhood I dote,
taking you so deep, every time you thrust,
so grateful that I’m satisfying your need,
feeling that rigidness, just before you pop,
filling mouth and senses with your spurting seed,
back of my throat, milking every last drop,
swallowing and savouring, essence of your love,
looking up at you, eyes glistening with bliss,
for this moment, will never get tired of,
pulling me up, for that well deserved kiss.

Between the breasts

my sly tongue flicks lightly over your skin,
plump, swaying breasts brushing against your cock,
glancing upwards and our lusting eyes lock,
as my lips curl in that mischievous grin.

continuing to brush your shaft, with them,
tongue dipping, tasting sweat in your navel,
my fingers, your chest and nipples fondle,
as own nipples tease your hardening stem.

pressing breasts firmly around now hard flesh,
letting it slip between my sumptuous mounds,
firmly squeezing, hardness tightly surrounds,
as your grasping fingers in my hair enmesh.

hardness sliding easily between soft breasts,
lubricated by sleek juices and by sweat,
with the tip of my teasing tongue, I fret,
as crown pops out from where it snugly nests.

breasts squeezed tighter to hold you in place,
your hips thrusting hard, my head bobbing furiously,
until you start spurting so copiously,
splattering my flushed upper chest and face.


peeling off that last lace layer,
tossing it from the sofa,
showing me, all that you offer.

revealing those still pert breasts,
with large dark and hardened crests,
which to your arousal attests.

eyes down to shaven pussy slips,
those swollen pink, inner lips,
glistening where passion drips.

trickling down the inner thigh,
inches from my lusting eye,
as upon the sofa you lie.

spreading leg wide, like a hussy,
fingers opening your pussy,
flaunting insides, so pink and mushy.

finger slipping into the crack,
pushing in and then drawing back,
upon hard nub, does slowly track.

your flesh, you sensually torment,
as I can smell that musky scent,
which from your mound does freely vent.

watching as you masturbate,
seeing your eyes slowly dilate,
makes my own lusts exacerbate.

then becomes more than you can stand,
snapping legs shut, tight around your hand,
convulsing from a pleasure, so grand.

more intense than usual,
sharing something so sensual,
giving such amazing visual,

Extremely wet

flesh need to scour,
starting up shower,

when it’s warm enough,
stripping to the buff,

under the jet’s cascade,
life’s stresses fade,

head back, eyes closed,
under water posed,

don’t hear door open,
shower’s noise does deafen,

when I open eyes,
your nakedness spies,

i’m smiling so wide,
as you step inside,

the heart fills with glee,
as your lips kiss me.

massaging your back,
water down does track,

in little ripples,
on breasts and nipples,

caressing your arms,
with my tender palms,

sliding them round waist,
as our bodies paste,

you lean back on me,
my kisses roam free,

on shoulders and neck,
there I softly peck,

cupping your soft breasts,
feeling hardened crests,

knowing you’re excited,
makes me delighted,

leaving one cupped there,
other goes elsewhere,

smooth slippery mound,
straying fingers found,

slowly parting lips,
water down you drips,

exploring your slit,
caressing your clit,

so extremely wet,
as my fingers fret,

your face turns to mine,
and our tongues entwine,

kiss soft and tender,
in moist surrender,

keeping hand in place,
turn till face to face.

breasts squashed against mine,
fingers on my spine,

water runs in streams,
in the harsh light gleams,

finger pushes in,
till it’s deep within,

then moves in and out,
in this sensual bout,

our lips still kissing,
our heartbeats racing,

then from shower fled,
racing for the bed,

towelling ourselves down,
falling on eiderdown,

your legs over edge,
between them I wedge.

leaning to kiss breasts,
and then those hard crests,

hands caress on sides,
from thighs to ribs glides,

suck hard on nipple,
and your sighs ripple,

pinching other one,
and your juices run,

your eyes capture mine,
with such lust they shine,

kissing your breastbone,
makes you moan and groan,

going down on you,
and you start to mew.

tongue traces on mound,
exploring around,

follows strip of hair,
down to moist hot lair,

raising up your hips,
hands beneath you slips,

blowing over clit,
and up and down slit,

eyes softly implore,
you really want more,

from top to bottom,
down to your rectum,

then back up to top,
tongue does juices mop,

your clit so rigid,
your taste is splendid.

with short little licks,
my tongue at you flicks,

things just feel better,
you just get wetter,

so I lick harder,
and your hips answer,

rocking to and fro,
as more juices flow,

tongue presses inside,
then around does slide,

grinding against my face,
fingers in my hair lace,

your breasts my hands seek,
nipples tug and tweak,

lifting up your hips,
so tongue deeper dips.

tongue pushes inward,
your hands lift upward,

puts on top of mine,
as you arch your spine,

moving to your clit,
round my tongue does flit,

with each stroke hips rise,
rotating clockwise,

one hand moves down skin,
pushes two fingers in,

so hot, wet and tight,
at your clit I bite,

teasing it with tongue,
as your sighs are sung,

flicking to and fro,
as those passions grow.

rhythm hips dictate,
by pace they gyrate,

you’re so nearly cumming,
tongue on you strumming

by your ragged breathing,
know passions are seething,

your soft moan is heard,
when I add a third,

inner muscles squeeze,
sensation does please,

licking and sucking,
your hips start bucking,

wetness drips and lands,
upon face and hands,

feeling you getting near,
as I probe your rear,

your moans grow louder,
your hands grip tighter,

holding me in place,
grinding against face,

screaming out my name,
finally you came,

as the wetness flows,
skin so ruddily glows,

savouring the taste,
no drop goes to waste,

fingers stroke inside,
tongue on clit does glide,

as your hips gyrate,
lust to fully sate,

panting at fast pace,
heartbeat seems to race,

each and every wave,
does control deprave,

from joyous climax,
finally you relax,

after juices sup,
slowly I move up,

lower lips to yours,
kiss with widening jaws,

your tang has flavour,
now you too can savour,

as our tongues entwine,
the tenderness divine,

nothing else matters,
heart pitter-patters,

in my arms you sigh,
there’s just you and I.


as the rising sun, sneaks through curtain’s crack,
lighting the bedroom, dispelling the gloom,
firm press of your skin, makes those lusts begin,
that hard rod of fun, at small of my back.

into warmth nestling, turning face to yours,
wrapping arm round neck, as lips softly peck,
when our kiss deepens, arousal heightens,
as tongues cease wrestling, eventually pause.

knowing your wishes, tongue trailing it’s wet,
rolling on your back, buttocks gently smack,
as my lips descend, through your chest hairs wend,
raining soft kisses, tasting the night’s sweat.

down your body flit, you breathe so deeply,
looking up at you, into pools of blue,
before kissing thighs, engendering sighs,
sucking deftly round it, cock rises steeply.

finally at crown, with my tongue flicking,
at soft velvet tip, oozing juices sip,
mouthing at your length, feeling manly strength,
moving up and down, sucking and licking.

fingers clasping base, holding you tightly,
stretching mouth swallows, your moaning follows,
hands and mouth moving, hardness improving,
varying the pace, fast and then lightly.

suddenly stopping, and up you I rise,
feeling your hardness, covered in wetness,
grazing over breasts, and taut hardened crests,
know I’m now sopping, positioning my thighs.

holding shaft upright, upon you I plunge,
take all your inches, as nipple pinches,
your hardness filling, my juices spilling,
so hot, so wet, so tight, as upwards you lunge.

your gaze captures mine, our lusts are in tune,
rising slowly to crown, then sliding slowly down,
rhythmically bucking, sensually fucking,
our fingers entwine, knowing we’ll cum soon.

picking up the pace, moving much more fast.
flesh tingles and squirms, cock lengthens and firms,
orgasm explodes, as your flesh unloads,
mutual moment of grace, so rarely surpassed.