Invitation in your eyes

unmistakeable invitation in your eyes,

long slender leg that winds slowly around my thighs,

drawing bodies closer, as our reddened lips meet,

within your pressing breast, that fluttering heartbeat,

easing straps off your shoulders and briefs over hips,

fingers tugging at my clothes, so urgently strips,

your large scarlet nipples, erect and distended,

which greet my kisses, as they slowly descended,

that arching spine and those sensual moans of pleasure,

as my fingertips part flushed portal of treasure,

tip of my tongue circling around that glistening pearl,

as your entangling fingers within my hair curl,

that heady nectar my tongue tastes as it delves deep,

thrusting of tongue and fingers, as juices seep,

thighs clamping round my head, begging me not to stop,

orgasmic spasms that convulse, till you finally flop.

2 thoughts on “Invitation in your eyes

  1. Is it odd that I find “unmistakeable invitation in your eyes” the most alluring aspect of this work? Hmm… I can’t shake the feeling. It’s compelling.

    Thank you for sharing this.


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