Pounding away

once more the bed is rocking,
moving with each urgent thrust,
against the wall loudly knocking,
as we try to sate our lust.

nails digging deep into your back,
as your hardness drives deep inside,
frantic tempo doesn’t slack,
as fingers down to nub slide.

body starts to tense and clench,
as you continue pounding away,
such cries from my lips, you wrench,
orgasmic juices freely spray.

muscles clasping for hard flesh,
teeth deeply into shoulder bite,
beneath you, I so wildly thresh,
reaching for euphoric height.

harder, faster bodies meet,
slamming bed against the wall,
juices flood and drench the sheet,
as your buttocks rise and fall.

feeling you go rigid when,
your lust explodes so deep inside,
and body spasms once again,
as our orgasms coincide.

flesh quivering from spasms,
as sensations through me flow,
riding waves of orgasms,
as your pounding, starts to slow.

lazing in that post-coital hum,
entwined bodies sleek with sweat,
sticky with each other’s cum,
knowing we’re not finished yet.

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