Frenzied fingertips

unwinding at end of yet another fraught day,

thoughts of your seductive words, just won’t go away,

lazing in bath, scented with grapefruit and roses,

what if you were here, right now, my mind supposes,

lifting my legs, to rest the heels on the cold tile.

imagining you here, the fantasy does beguile,

as loving fingertips caressingly slither,

downward from the navel and flesh starts to quiver,

others stroking gently, upon curve of heaving breast,

in decreasing circles, round the hardening crest,

grasping my nipple between thumb and forefinger,

other fingers between parted thighs, do linger,

outlining the sleek contours, of now swollen lips,

before between them, first one, then another slips,

wishing that your fingers did nipple, squeeze and roll,

sensual assault upon my flesh, takes its toll,

thrusting up hips, towards fingers thrusting inside,

pushing them deeper, as through my wetness they glide,

tormenting fingers descend from my aching breast,

till upon taut button of flesh, teasingly rest,

stroking and pinching, with increasing urgency,

as those sighs for release, grow in insistency,

teeth gripping lip, as pinkened skin hotly flushes,

flooding of sleek juices, from my body gushes,

then going rigid, as muscles start to contract,

upon the buried fingers, so squeezingly act,

as release finally comes and my body shakes,

frenzied fingertips rub, to ensure further quakes,

and moans become blissful sighs, from euphoric peace,

imagining your fingers there, achieving release.

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