as the rising sun, sneaks through curtain’s crack,
lighting the bedroom, dispelling the gloom,
firm press of your skin, makes those lusts begin,
that hard rod of fun, at small of my back.

into warmth nestling, turning face to yours,
wrapping arm round neck, as lips softly peck,
when our kiss deepens, arousal heightens,
as tongues cease wrestling, eventually pause.

knowing your wishes, tongue trailing it’s wet,
rolling on your back, buttocks gently smack,
as my lips descend, through your chest hairs wend,
raining soft kisses, tasting the night’s sweat.

down your body flit, you breathe so deeply,
looking up at you, into pools of blue,
before kissing thighs, engendering sighs,
sucking deftly round it, cock rises steeply.

finally at crown, with my tongue flicking,
at soft velvet tip, oozing juices sip,
mouthing at your length, feeling manly strength,
moving up and down, sucking and licking.

fingers clasping base, holding you tightly,
stretching mouth swallows, your moaning follows,
hands and mouth moving, hardness improving,
varying the pace, fast and then lightly.

suddenly stopping, and up you I rise,
feeling your hardness, covered in wetness,
grazing over breasts, and taut hardened crests,
know I’m now sopping, positioning my thighs.

holding shaft upright, upon you I plunge,
take all your inches, as nipple pinches,
your hardness filling, my juices spilling,
so hot, so wet, so tight, as upwards you lunge.

your gaze captures mine, our lusts are in tune,
rising slowly to crown, then sliding slowly down,
rhythmically bucking, sensually fucking,
our fingers entwine, knowing we’ll cum soon.

picking up the pace, moving much more fast.
flesh tingles and squirms, cock lengthens and firms,
orgasm explodes, as your flesh unloads,
mutual moment of grace, so rarely surpassed.

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