peeling off that last lace layer,
tossing it from the sofa,
showing me, all that you offer.

revealing those still pert breasts,
with large dark and hardened crests,
which to your arousal attests.

eyes down to shaven pussy slips,
those swollen pink, inner lips,
glistening where passion drips.

trickling down the inner thigh,
inches from my lusting eye,
as upon the sofa you lie.

spreading leg wide, like a hussy,
fingers opening your pussy,
flaunting insides, so pink and mushy.

finger slipping into the crack,
pushing in and then drawing back,
upon hard nub, does slowly track.

your flesh, you sensually torment,
as I can smell that musky scent,
which from your mound does freely vent.

watching as you masturbate,
seeing your eyes slowly dilate,
makes my own lusts exacerbate.

then becomes more than you can stand,
snapping legs shut, tight around your hand,
convulsing from a pleasure, so grand.

more intense than usual,
sharing something so sensual,
giving such amazing visual,

15 thoughts on “Visual

  1. Oh my! It took all of five stanzas before I noticed I was squeezing my thighs together. So deliciously yummy. So happy to have stumbled across your writing.


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