devouring, licking along the length,
lips wrapping round girth, sucking and moaning,
your fingers in my hair, tugging with strength,
taking all of you, causing that groaning,
constricting throat around the velvet tip,
pushing forward, so that I take even more,
rocking your hips, as you tighten your grip,
eyes watering, as gagging try to ignore,
tears run down, as thickness stretches my throat,
sound of my struggle, just hardens your lust,
sucking hard, upon your manhood I dote,
taking you so deep, every time you thrust,
so grateful that I’m satisfying your need,
feeling that rigidness, just before you pop,
filling mouth and senses with your spurting seed,
back of my throat, milking every last drop,
swallowing and savouring, essence of your love,
looking up at you, eyes glistening with bliss,
for this moment, will never get tired of,
pulling me up, for that well deserved kiss.

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