Giving and taking

your flickering serpentine tongue is relentless,
upon my fleshy nodule, now taut with desire,
probing of a finger in that tight orifice,
as others delve deep, in my well of liquid fire,
to your rhythmic lapping, bucking of wanton hips,
scrape of hard aching nipples, across your stomach,
as I take your hardness, between these painted lips,
fingernails dig into the flesh of your buttock,
whilst all the time, that quickening to ecstasy,
makes it harder to concentrate on bestowing,
teeth graze upon the other, with delicacy,
those tidal waves of pleasure, through me start flowing,
of muscles around fingers, that tightening grasp,
convulsive spasms, as movements become frantic,
milking fingers, as your spouting manhood they clasp,
whispered endearments afterwards, so romantic.

13 thoughts on “Giving and taking

  1. There is something sexually enchanting about the way your prose unfolds. Liquid fire, rhythmic lapping, aching nipples and convulsive spasms are just a handful of sensory elements that capture one’s attention down this river of ecstacy.


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