the silence broken by our moans,
very soft and gentle at first,
increasing to guttural groans,
as we slake that sensual thirst.

moonlight shines on sweat beaded skin,
musk of arousal hanging heavy,
as we indulge ourselves in sin,
dripping juices, such sweet bevvy.

dark gypsy curls wrapped round your fist,
neck arching, as pert breasts thrust out,
brown eyes glazed by that sensual mist,
hardened nipples, achingly pout.

waiting to be sucked and bitten,
or twisted hard and sorely tweaked,
painful pleasure, with which I’m smitten,
has inner thighs, with juices sleeked.

loving the way, you take control,
feeling the firm smack of your hand,
assuming that submissive role,
counting out each one, as they land.

plunging into my wet tightness,
sending arousal to the brink,
possessed with the desired roughness,
filling thickness, into me does sink.

nipples pinched till they’re hurting,
face pressed hard, into the sheets
feel in depths, your cum start spurting,
trembling wildly till orgasm completes.

mouths pressing hard, as tongues entwine,
sharing bliss of euphoric moment,
as our bodies and souls combine,
when needy flesh finds fulfilment.

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