the mere thought of you, makes those passions brew
as my thoughts wonder, so do hands wander,
on sheet covered breasts, over hardened crests,
downward to the thighs, heat which between lies,
pressing at wetness, feeling so breathless,
dragging off sheet, until clearing feet,
legs widely open, moist pink lips swollen,
scraping of nails, over skin trails,
skirts round the navel, up to breasts travel,
nails drawing circles, areola crinkles,
craving to be touched, yet actions not rushed,
my breasts gently knead, nipples ache from need,
tweak and harsh pinching, from the pain flinching,
one hand at breast stays, other to pussy strays,
though don’t know you’re there, can feel that you stare,
standing in doorway, watching as I play,
against doorjamb leans, hand down front of jeans,
opening legs wide, fingers dip inside,
letting you witness, as I spread my wetness,
flushed pussy daubing, clit hard and throbbing,
look you in the eye, for I hear your sigh,
as I suck wet fingers, your gaze on me lingers
love the taste and smell, turns you on as well,
watching me suck so slow, just makes your juices flow,
run them down to pussy, feeling like a hussy,
dipping between lips, as I raise my hips,
fingering my slit, palm pressing on clit,
stroking over my nub, as your fingertips rub,
our breathing quickens, as inner thigh slickens,
one finger becomes two, watching you pleasuring too,
then two becomes three, turned on by what we see,
my fingers pumping, my heart thumping,
thumb rubbing on clit, four fingers stretch slit,
faster and harder, orgasm looms larger,
our moans fill the air, at each other we stare,
hips arched off the bed, release just ahead,
fingers forced deeper, arousal climbs steeper,
watching your hand rubbing, feel like I’m flooding,
thumb at clit flicking, as juices trickling,
insides are quaking, body is shaking,
sweet smell of release, just wafts from my crease,
fingers and thumb slow, laze in afterglow,
watching you undress, sexiness does so impress,
as you move from door, I’m ready for more.


tasting yourself upon my sweet, crimson lips,
passion of our deep kiss, stirring your flesh again,
arousing you once more, with such acumen,
when my licentious form into your arms, slips,

writhing against you, rubbing my flesh on yours,
as your mouth descends to my fragile neck,
to taste my sweat, as you gently kiss and peck,
feeling the increased pulse, as my heartbeat soars,

moving further down to the swell of my breasts,
breathing heady scent, with which I’ve perfumed them,
hardening your desire, as well as your stem,
as you feast on my lush flesh and taut dark crests,

hands urge you down, to that need between my thighs,
when tongue swirls through the trimmed fur of my mound,
my gasping, laboured breathing the only sound,
as my swollen petals, open to your eyes,

the heady musk of me, increasing your ache,
as tongue and lips, savour my earthy delights,
tasting me, with delving tongue and gentle bites,
sipping such sweetness, as thirst you try to slake,

writhing and moaning, tongue does dip and lick,
and my sweet nectar, starts flowing more freely,
as you give in to the fire in your belly,
into my wet heat, sliding your rock-hard prick,

wrapping my legs round you, as hips start to buck,
trying to raise the tempo, so you’ll match,
plunging deeper and faster into my snatch,
both lost in the primal nature of our fuck.

fingernails bite into your back, as I clutch,
driving hips up hard, to meet every thrust,
perspiring freely, in race to slake our lust,
slapping loudly where our bodies, forcibly touch.

finally exploding as towards me, you bend,
passionately filling my depths, with hot, gushing seed,
quivering beneath you, in release of my need,
holding on tight, not wanting the moment to end.


first signs of arousal showing prominently through blouse,
as those fleshy tips crinkle up and harden as they rouse,
providing lovely focal points, for many eyes to browse,
while in company of others, we flirtatiously carouse.

that look of arousal, glimmers moistly within your eye,
as furtively caressing hand, wanders upon warm thigh,
both feeling that the time to leave, is slowly drawing nigh,
as we both make our excuses, with a little white lie.

the perfume of arousal, wafts heavy upon the air,
as we adjourn to private place, away from public glare,
to tenderly kiss, with fingers entangled in the hair,
unbuttoning our blouses, as upper halves we bare.

the stain of arousal, damply darkens your lilac lace,
as your skirt puddles around your feet, when it falls from place,
then that last flimsy scrap, is discarded with teasing grace,
before you squirm upon the bed, as again we embrace.

the dew of arousal, glistens brightly upon your curls,
as your hips rise to my mouth, wearing only your pearls,
and as my tongue against your urgency, exquisitely swirls,
your squeezing fingers upon your nipples, painfully twirls.

sweet taste of arousal, lingers upon my moistened lips,
as finally I move upwards, from your quivering hips,
pausing to softly kiss upon, those aching scarlet tips,
before you kiss from face and chin, last remaining drips.