four fingers sunk so deep,
trickles down the inner thigh,
hot juices around them seep,
as my innards liquify.

your thumb strokes that yearning clit,
room resounds to squelching sound,
from the fingers in my slit,
churning as they move around,

fingers holding lips apart,
teasing tongue replaces thumb,
lapping gently at the start,
then flickers as clit does strum,

grabbing handfuls of your hair,
pressing mouth hard against me,
that feeling beyond compare,
as you make me moan and plea,

pulsating from head to toe,
euphoric waves washing through,
sweet nectar does freely flow,
as your teeth upon me chew.

19 thoughts on “Pulsating

      1. You style is very memorable. πŸ™‚ Hope you were able to get your old posts back. I believe they censor based on closeups and penetration? Do you get any feedback? I always worry about them closing me down without notice.


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