first signs of arousal showing prominently through blouse,
as those fleshy tips crinkle up and harden as they rouse,
providing lovely focal points, for many eyes to browse,
while in company of others, we flirtatiously carouse.

that look of arousal, glimmers moistly within your eye,
as furtively caressing hand, wanders upon warm thigh,
both feeling that the time to leave, is slowly drawing nigh,
as we both make our excuses, with a little white lie.

the perfume of arousal, wafts heavy upon the air,
as we adjourn to private place, away from public glare,
to tenderly kiss, with fingers entangled in the hair,
unbuttoning our blouses, as upper halves we bare.

the stain of arousal, damply darkens your lilac lace,
as your skirt puddles around your feet, when it falls from place,
then that last flimsy scrap, is discarded with teasing grace,
before you squirm upon the bed, as again we embrace.

the dew of arousal, glistens brightly upon your curls,
as your hips rise to my mouth, wearing only your pearls,
and as my tongue against your urgency, exquisitely swirls,
your squeezing fingers upon your nipples, painfully twirls.

sweet taste of arousal, lingers upon my moistened lips,
as finally I move upwards, from your quivering hips,
pausing to softly kiss upon, those aching scarlet tips,
before you kiss from face and chin, last remaining drips.

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