tasting yourself upon my sweet, crimson lips,
passion of our deep kiss, stirring your flesh again,
arousing you once more, with such acumen,
when my licentious form into your arms, slips,

writhing against you, rubbing my flesh on yours,
as your mouth descends to my fragile neck,
to taste my sweat, as you gently kiss and peck,
feeling the increased pulse, as my heartbeat soars,

moving further down to the swell of my breasts,
breathing heady scent, with which I’ve perfumed them,
hardening your desire, as well as your stem,
as you feast on my lush flesh and taut dark crests,

hands urge you down, to that need between my thighs,
when tongue swirls through the trimmed fur of my mound,
my gasping, laboured breathing the only sound,
as my swollen petals, open to your eyes,

the heady musk of me, increasing your ache,
as tongue and lips, savour my earthy delights,
tasting me, with delving tongue and gentle bites,
sipping such sweetness, as thirst you try to slake,

writhing and moaning, tongue does dip and lick,
and my sweet nectar, starts flowing more freely,
as you give in to the fire in your belly,
into my wet heat, sliding your rock-hard prick,

wrapping my legs round you, as hips start to buck,
trying to raise the tempo, so you’ll match,
plunging deeper and faster into my snatch,
both lost in the primal nature of our fuck.

fingernails bite into your back, as I clutch,
driving hips up hard, to meet every thrust,
perspiring freely, in race to slake our lust,
slapping loudly where our bodies, forcibly touch.

finally exploding as towards me, you bend,
passionately filling my depths, with hot, gushing seed,
quivering beneath you, in release of my need,
holding on tight, not wanting the moment to end.

7 thoughts on “Primal

  1. You are so talented! Where do you get your inspiration? And I would love to spend an hour inside your mind! 🙂 Thank you for the always magically stimulating word pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

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