dining as a foursome, the evening has been awesome,
champagne has been flowing, it’s been so easygoing,
we’ve been flirting all evening, while we’ve been eating,
both with you and our husbands, using words and hands,
my hand upon your thigh, beneath tablecloth does lie,
slowly moving upward, you’re turned on but feeling awkward,
for you’re not that way inclined, previous offers have declined,
but tonight you’re merry, and nowhere as wary,
fingers above stocking-top, yet still don’t ask me to stop,
slightly parting your thighs, now so turned on you can’t disguise,
caresses far beneath your dress, making such sensual progress,
then I lean in so near, softly whisper in your ear,
“Take your panties off”, making you splutter and cough,
that gets our husbands’ attention, air now ripe with sexual tension.

as our husbands watch, sipping from their scotch,
to see if you’ll really do it, and just how much touching you’ll permit,
and if I can really make you cum, with just my fingers and my thumb,
egged on by everyone, we all want to have much more fun,
lifting up your slender hips, discreetly those panties strips,
finally over your high heels, the unwanted garment peels,
tosses to husband damp black lace, with wicked smile upon your face,
placing my hand back on your thigh, gazing deeply into your eye,
pulling your leg towards me, till it touches against my knee,
widening gap between the thighs, showing treasure that between lies,
atmosphere is palpable, knowing you’re so touchable,
everyone’s eyes are fixed on you, feel so exposed and on view,
your pussy feels my soft caress, beneath the cover of your dress,
finger slips between your lips, so wet where such passion drips,

breasts heaving with deep breaths, my finger explores hot,wet depths,
so arousing and exciting, bottom lip your teeth is biting,
focussing on husband’s adoring stare, what others might see, don’t really care.
bunching up dress like a hussy, showing my hand and your wet pussy,
kidding you sensually on the mouth, as thumb rubs swollen clit down south,
hips lift from seat as you arch your back, fingers plunge deeper into wet crack,
my nails contrast against your white thighs, there’s such love and lust in husband’s eyes,
your warm juices do my fingers glaze, you focus on husband’s intense gaze,
heart thumping loudly in your breast, getting ever nearer to that crest,
rocking hips meet fingers as they dip, edge of the table you tightly grip,
stomach clenches and thighs tremble, can see shudders through you rumble.
fingers at your clit keep strumming, your body just goes on cumming,
finally beg me to stop, and against back of the chair flop,
the four of us now so turned on, and know the night’s fun is not yet done.

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