as the passion soars,
when my tongue finds yours,
teasingly does hector
while tasting my own nectar.

your cock, hard and stout,
flashing in and out,
feeling so hot and wet,
as bodies start to sweat,

nails raking down back.
hard pounding at my crack,
meeting every thrust,
by bucking in my lust.

being filled to brim,
by thick cock in the quim,
feeling like your slut,
as nails dig in your butt.

all of a sudden,
feeling your cock harden,
as you come inside,
our orgasms coincide.

you’re gasping for air,
i’m screaming without care,
cock pulses within,
as I so joyously grin.


wearing just a towel, fastened around the top,
slowly sashaying to the sink, sipping my drink,
placing the glass down, before letting the towel drop,
slowly bending over, planting hands on the sink,
smiling at you in the mirror, at your approach,
still very much aroused, from our time in the bath,
gasping as silken folds, feels your hardness encroach,
slipping up to clit, as it travels that sleek path,
reaching behind, guiding you up to the entrance,
pushing backwards with a hard thrust, taking you deep,
loud guttural groans from me, breaking the silence,
as warm juices down upon my inner thighs seep,
watching us in mirror, such a welcome delight,
us joined together, always a sensual sight.

neither moving, cock throbs and pulses within me,
leaning over, draping yourself over my back,
while fondling my breasts, which in the mirror you see,
upon my slender neck, those tender kisses track,
feeling you slide partly out, slowly press back in,
grinding hips against you, in circular motions,
trying to take you as deep as I can, within,
starting to lost it, in these sensual devotions,
observing in the mirror, is so revealing,
as movements become more frenetic, in our lust,
closing my eyes and surrendering to the feeling,
bucking wildly back against you, meeting your thrust,
deeper, faster and harder, urging you to go,
balls bumping against me, as they swing to and fro.

standing upright now, as pace continues to rise,
warm curve of my hips, your fingers now hold onto,
loud profanities, as passions both vocalize,
squelching sounds, as you pound so deep and fast into,
both of us lost in the moment and each other,
sensing swelling within and my muscles contract.
grasping, pulling you deeper, as moans you smother,
shuddering, as finger with my clit makes contact,
flickers over it, causing sensations to surge,
feeling that your seed within, is starting to spill,
contracting spasms and pulsating release, merge,
neither moving, for the lust within now tranquil,
my moist eyes find yours in mirror, when they open,
and with such blissful contentment, brightly glisten.

Talking dirty

knelt upon the ornate bedspread,
of a sumptuous king sized bed,
naked, horny, with thighs widely spread,
upon floor, clothes hastily shed.

in an exotic hideaway,
flirting with husband, so far away,
such sensual, arousing things we say,
as fingers, upon my breast stray.

in that sensual, breathy tone,
talking dirty down the telephone,
so explicit, that it makes him groan,
as he tells me, how hard he’s grown.

with fingers his manhood stroking,
tells how hard my flesh he’d be poking,
and orgasms he’d be provoking,
until the bed sheets were soaking.

his words, I answer with such sighs,
as if approaching orgasmic highs,
while looking down, between my thighs,
where lover’s tongue, expertly plies.