Talking dirty

knelt upon the ornate bedspread,
of a sumptuous king sized bed,
naked, horny, with thighs widely spread,
upon floor, clothes hastily shed.

in an exotic hideaway,
flirting with husband, so far away,
such sensual, arousing things we say,
as fingers, upon my breast stray.

in that sensual, breathy tone,
talking dirty down the telephone,
so explicit, that it makes him groan,
as he tells me, how hard he’s grown.

with fingers his manhood stroking,
tells how hard my flesh he’d be poking,
and orgasms he’d be provoking,
until the bed sheets were soaking.

his words, I answer with such sighs,
as if approaching orgasmic highs,
while looking down, between my thighs,
where lover’s tongue, expertly plies.

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