snaking tongue traces it’s path of fire
tip circling then flicking back and forth,
across the centre of hot desire,
the smell and wetness, just swelling your girth,
with careful teeth, so tenderly bitten,
then around those swollen lips, your mouth moulds,
lapping juices, like a thirsty kitten,
tongue thrusting deeply between my flushed folds,
dark glowering eyes look up into mine,
knowing from moans, you’ve stoked my desire,
returning to core, tongue draws burning line,
as fingers stroke in my well of fire,
grinding down on you, in wanton release,
flooding face, as juices spurt from my crease.


lips locked together, tongues demanding attention,
soft breasts squashed against hardness of your chest,
body pining yours down, with wanton intention,
my aching need against your ardour does rest,
finally I’m ready to claim what is now mine,
pushing back till crown, starts spreading my lips,
tip of your manhood, just inside my hot, moist shrine,
slowly lowering and lifting up my hips.

lubricating rigid flesh, an inch at a time,
submissively, you let me have control,
enjoying each sensuous fall and subsequent climb,
till I’m fully impaled, upon your turgid pole,
walls clench round your hardness, gripping like a vice,
as hips strain upwards to meet my descent,
your hard stretching girth and length, will more than suffice,
to satisfy my licentious intent.

sliding, grinding against each other, with passion,
bodies sweating, as rhythm increases,
hot enveloping wetness, demanding satisfaction,
as we both edge closer to releases,
tempo so heated and frenzied, sweat freely drips,
harder and faster, demanding you go,
words ripped increasingly desperately from my lips,
our orgasms into each other flow.

as our bodies and soul fuse in the explosion,
harsh breathing, as we clutch to each other,
clasping at pulsing hardness, as motion frozen,
each twitch within bringing on another,
face buried in neck, as intensity withers,
breathing shallows and we start to relax,
till your softening flesh from my body slithers,
and into your comforting embrace I collapse.

Drowning in desire

mashing head tight against your wet pussy,
thrusting hips fucking my face, with all their might,
demanding I carry on eating you out,
for you need to scale that orgasmic height,

suffocating me with your wet, trembling flesh,
swept away as that tidal wave finally burst,
as I drink in the juices, which gush so free,
lapping frantically, as if dying of thirst,

as juices continues to trickle from you,
my tongue lapping at that puckered rosette,
while my nose nudges against hard, throbbing clit,
you relish the way my teasing tongue does fret.

once more squashing face against pussy and arse,
as another orgasm builds so exquisitely,
grinding your hips, while pressing down on my head,
flooding upturned face with your hot, liquidity.

stronger second tidal wave consuming senses,
in that moment, not caring whether I can breathe,
using my face, while I drown in your juices.
as your flesh continues to quiveringly seethe.


sitting on your shoulders, arms curled around my thighs,
warm breath wafting against me, over mound and moist lips,
soft flesh of inner thigh, beneath kissing mouth lies,
your two day growth tickles, making me squirm my hips.

pleasuring so slowly, fingers tangling in your hair,
heady scent of my sex, your nose deeply breathes in,
as it nudges wet lips, before thick tongue probing there,
plundering so deeply, sleek juices moistening chin.

tasting my hot passion, licking my sleek, pink walls,
slowly moving upwards, finding my aching taut clit,
fingers tightening grip, as flickering tongue mauls,
teeth biting tenderly, stubble rubbing upon slit.

mouth slowly moving downward, to tight rosette of arse,
then from the arsehole to clit, that slow, languid licking,
over and over rasping, pleasure builds with each pass,
teasing tongue at each end, slyly probing and flicking.

juices soaking your face, mouth nibbling and sucking,
fingering molten, wet lust, flesh trembles and clenches,
my quivering strengthens, as wanton hips start bucking,
sucking my clit so hard, loud screams from my lips wrenches.

clamping around thick fingers, as orgasm wrecks flesh,
juices flooding hand and face, your tongue’s exquisite charms,
drawing the orgasm out, as I tremble and thresh,
finally relenting, to cradle me in your arms.

Waking surprise

my lips glaze a warm trail over your chest,
slowly inching my way, ever downward,
until my tongue in your navel does rest,
as knotty depths, are sensually explored,

my fingertips caress your inner thighs,
and you sleepily open them for me,
wanting to give you a waking surprise,
as I stealthily slide over your knee.

your masculine scent draws my mouth lower,
gentle kisses follow that dark hairline,
so not to wake you, carefully slower,
along semi-hard length, tongue draws wet line,

watching it twitch, as it steadily grows,
as you moan my name, while lost in a dream,
tongue such adoration to your balls shows,
for they are the source of your manly cream.

sucking one into mouth, then the other,
your response, tells me that you’re now awake,
gasps of pleasure, you don’t try to smother,
as through my dense tresses, your fingers rake,

taking a firm hold of your rising hips,
long cock throbbing as it grows, hard and thick,
you watch as it disappears between my lips,
and I taste first drops oozing from your prick.

your flesh trembles as my teeth gently graze,
before my mouth swallows your length whole,
hips raise, head bobs in harmonious ways,
in allowing release, I’m in control.

shuffling my hips, till their beside your head,
with your throbbing cock still deep down my throat,
feel your tender kiss, as my thighs are spread,
to savour nectar that my folds does coat.

hips thrust your hardness, slowly past my tongue,
as your tongue finds my aching, swollen core,
it’s whorls and dips, my muffled praises sung,
harshness then tenderness, makes juices pour,

your face buried, deep between my honeyed lips,
your moans vibrate through my quivering walls,
as I rim your arse with wet fingertips,
tongue and cock thrust harder, as my finger mauls.

gasps stifled by thrusting cock filling my mouth,
those hard spurts of your cum try to swallow,
as my hips grind against your face down south,
in bliss of my own orgasm, I wallow.

The two of you

in bed naked, between the two of you,
tender kisses, intimate caresses,
from both of you, making those passions brew,
hardness of both cocks, arousal stresses,
a bit flustered yet still so excited,
having two men, take me at the same time,
you, my husband and stranger you’ve invited,
your assailing mouths, tongues and hands sublime,
laying back, letting both do what you want,
one kissing my mouth, the other my breasts,
not knowing whose fingers, does hard clit taunt,
and whose probing fingers pussy molests,
panting like crazy, waiting to be fucked,
but first you present your cock to be sucked.

between my parting thighs, the stranger crawls,
blowing you, while he starts to eat me out,
sucking and stroking cock, fondling your balls,
trying to give you a thorough workout,
while not getting distracted by that tongue,
working it’s magic on pussy and clit,
till finally orgasmic bell is rung,
from the stranger’s tongue lapping at my slit,
laying on your back, watching me spasm,
when the tremors calm, straddling your thighs,
slowly taking your cock, deep in chasm,
stranger’s cock bobbles in front of eyes,
letting his long, thick cock, really stretch my jaws,
sliding up and down, on smaller one of yours.

bouncing hard and fast, as you arch your back,
whilst sucking hard upon a stranger’s cock,
coming hard in me, before you go slack,
cock in mouth against back of throat does knock,
as the stranger and me, pick up the pace,
leaving you to taste your own seeping cum,
as lapping tongue over pussy does trace,
licking down to the crack between my bum,
knowing that the stranger is getting close,
pushing both aside, getting on all fours,
before the stranger, permissively pose,
that large cock stretch, exquisitely savours,
as he enters me, pulling on my hair,
I’m fucked by another man, as you stare.

pounding my pussy, hard and relentless,
first from behind and then flat on my back,
such intensity, leaving me breathless,
you watch us fucking, with the vigour you lack,
making me orgasm, once and then again,
as you watch us, stroking on your cock,
feel him harden, know balls about to drain,
coming once more, muscles around shaft lock,
coating insides, finally blows huge load,
that familiar grunt, as you also cum,
and my own juices liberally flowed,
seeping from my pussy, down to my bum,
straddling your face, for one finally chore,
for you to clean up my pussy, once more.

That manly bulge

that very manly bulge, which makes me want to indulge,
unfastening the belt, right before you I’m knelt,
fly slowly unzipping, then cock out I’m whipping,
holding with fingertips, tracing head along my lips,
so immensely turned on, playing with your hard-on,
flicking my tongue around, elicits groaning sound,
grasping your manly strength, running tongue down the length,
around those shaven balls, between cheeks it mauls,
slowly working back up, as fingers your balls cup,
caressing and teasing, as my mouth is pleasing,
your lust filled eyes gaze down, as I explore your crown,
all over top I roll, till I find that oozing hole,
tasting your sweet pre-cum, grabbing hold of your bum,
fullness does my mouth bloat, taking you to back of throat,
my head bobs up and down, tongue flickers over crown,
hands tangle in my hair, finger your arse does spear,
your hips fucking my face, my mouth descends at same pace,
I’m taking you fully, head bobbing with a fury,
though nearly making me gag, from rhythm try not to flag,
I can’t get enough of you, knowing your cock’s about to spew,
buttocks clench and you go tense, as hot cum you dispense,
flooding back of my throat, inside of the mouth you coat,
swallowing it all like wine, for your cum tastes so divine,
from your pounding you don’t stop, till you’ve given every last drop,
so satisfied and sated, from my loving you’re elated.