That manly bulge

that very manly bulge, which makes me want to indulge,
unfastening the belt, right before you I’m knelt,
fly slowly unzipping, then cock out I’m whipping,
holding with fingertips, tracing head along my lips,
so immensely turned on, playing with your hard-on,
flicking my tongue around, elicits groaning sound,
grasping your manly strength, running tongue down the length,
around those shaven balls, between cheeks it mauls,
slowly working back up, as fingers your balls cup,
caressing and teasing, as my mouth is pleasing,
your lust filled eyes gaze down, as I explore your crown,
all over top I roll, till I find that oozing hole,
tasting your sweet pre-cum, grabbing hold of your bum,
fullness does my mouth bloat, taking you to back of throat,
my head bobs up and down, tongue flickers over crown,
hands tangle in my hair, finger your arse does spear,
your hips fucking my face, my mouth descends at same pace,
I’m taking you fully, head bobbing with a fury,
though nearly making me gag, from rhythm try not to flag,
I can’t get enough of you, knowing your cock’s about to spew,
buttocks clench and you go tense, as hot cum you dispense,
flooding back of my throat, inside of the mouth you coat,
swallowing it all like wine, for your cum tastes so divine,
from your pounding you don’t stop, till you’ve given every last drop,
so satisfied and sated, from my loving you’re elated.

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