The two of you

in bed naked, between the two of you,
tender kisses, intimate caresses,
from both of you, making those passions brew,
hardness of both cocks, arousal stresses,
a bit flustered yet still so excited,
having two men, take me at the same time,
you, my husband and stranger you’ve invited,
your assailing mouths, tongues and hands sublime,
laying back, letting both do what you want,
one kissing my mouth, the other my breasts,
not knowing whose fingers, does hard clit taunt,
and whose probing fingers pussy molests,
panting like crazy, waiting to be fucked,
but first you present your cock to be sucked.

between my parting thighs, the stranger crawls,
blowing you, while he starts to eat me out,
sucking and stroking cock, fondling your balls,
trying to give you a thorough workout,
while not getting distracted by that tongue,
working it’s magic on pussy and clit,
till finally orgasmic bell is rung,
from the stranger’s tongue lapping at my slit,
laying on your back, watching me spasm,
when the tremors calm, straddling your thighs,
slowly taking your cock, deep in chasm,
stranger’s cock bobbles in front of eyes,
letting his long, thick cock, really stretch my jaws,
sliding up and down, on smaller one of yours.

bouncing hard and fast, as you arch your back,
whilst sucking hard upon a stranger’s cock,
coming hard in me, before you go slack,
cock in mouth against back of throat does knock,
as the stranger and me, pick up the pace,
leaving you to taste your own seeping cum,
as lapping tongue over pussy does trace,
licking down to the crack between my bum,
knowing that the stranger is getting close,
pushing both aside, getting on all fours,
before the stranger, permissively pose,
that large cock stretch, exquisitely savours,
as he enters me, pulling on my hair,
I’m fucked by another man, as you stare.

pounding my pussy, hard and relentless,
first from behind and then flat on my back,
such intensity, leaving me breathless,
you watch us fucking, with the vigour you lack,
making me orgasm, once and then again,
as you watch us, stroking on your cock,
feel him harden, know balls about to drain,
coming once more, muscles around shaft lock,
coating insides, finally blows huge load,
that familiar grunt, as you also cum,
and my own juices liberally flowed,
seeping from my pussy, down to my bum,
straddling your face, for one finally chore,
for you to clean up my pussy, once more.

12 thoughts on “The two of you

  1. So much I loved about this one. The exploration of multiple men was fantastic! Your mention of the husband’s smaller cock size was hot as well as him tasting the cum of other men inside you. Very erotic!


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