Waking surprise

my lips glaze a warm trail over your chest,
slowly inching my way, ever downward,
until my tongue in your navel does rest,
as knotty depths, are sensually explored,

my fingertips caress your inner thighs,
and you sleepily open them for me,
wanting to give you a waking surprise,
as I stealthily slide over your knee.

your masculine scent draws my mouth lower,
gentle kisses follow that dark hairline,
so not to wake you, carefully slower,
along semi-hard length, tongue draws wet line,

watching it twitch, as it steadily grows,
as you moan my name, while lost in a dream,
tongue such adoration to your balls shows,
for they are the source of your manly cream.

sucking one into mouth, then the other,
your response, tells me that you’re now awake,
gasps of pleasure, you don’t try to smother,
as through my dense tresses, your fingers rake,

taking a firm hold of your rising hips,
long cock throbbing as it grows, hard and thick,
you watch as it disappears between my lips,
and I taste first drops oozing from your prick.

your flesh trembles as my teeth gently graze,
before my mouth swallows your length whole,
hips raise, head bobs in harmonious ways,
in allowing release, I’m in control.

shuffling my hips, till their beside your head,
with your throbbing cock still deep down my throat,
feel your tender kiss, as my thighs are spread,
to savour nectar that my folds does coat.

hips thrust your hardness, slowly past my tongue,
as your tongue finds my aching, swollen core,
it’s whorls and dips, my muffled praises sung,
harshness then tenderness, makes juices pour,

your face buried, deep between my honeyed lips,
your moans vibrate through my quivering walls,
as I rim your arse with wet fingertips,
tongue and cock thrust harder, as my finger mauls.

gasps stifled by thrusting cock filling my mouth,
those hard spurts of your cum try to swallow,
as my hips grind against your face down south,
in bliss of my own orgasm, I wallow.

12 thoughts on “Waking surprise

  1. oh dear lovely one… it is all i can do to control myself… Master, where are you when i need you… Thank you for such delicious words – such heanenly dreams


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