Drowning in desire

mashing head tight against your wet pussy,
thrusting hips fucking my face, with all their might,
demanding I carry on eating you out,
for you need to scale that orgasmic height,

suffocating me with your wet, trembling flesh,
swept away as that tidal wave finally burst,
as I drink in the juices, which gush so free,
lapping frantically, as if dying of thirst,

as juices continues to trickle from you,
my tongue lapping at that puckered rosette,
while my nose nudges against hard, throbbing clit,
you relish the way my teasing tongue does fret.

once more squashing face against pussy and arse,
as another orgasm builds so exquisitely,
grinding your hips, while pressing down on my head,
flooding upturned face with your hot, liquidity.

stronger second tidal wave consuming senses,
in that moment, not caring whether I can breathe,
using my face, while I drown in your juices.
as your flesh continues to quiveringly seethe.

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