lips locked together, tongues demanding attention,
soft breasts squashed against hardness of your chest,
body pining yours down, with wanton intention,
my aching need against your ardour does rest,
finally I’m ready to claim what is now mine,
pushing back till crown, starts spreading my lips,
tip of your manhood, just inside my hot, moist shrine,
slowly lowering and lifting up my hips.

lubricating rigid flesh, an inch at a time,
submissively, you let me have control,
enjoying each sensuous fall and subsequent climb,
till I’m fully impaled, upon your turgid pole,
walls clench round your hardness, gripping like a vice,
as hips strain upwards to meet my descent,
your hard stretching girth and length, will more than suffice,
to satisfy my licentious intent.

sliding, grinding against each other, with passion,
bodies sweating, as rhythm increases,
hot enveloping wetness, demanding satisfaction,
as we both edge closer to releases,
tempo so heated and frenzied, sweat freely drips,
harder and faster, demanding you go,
words ripped increasingly desperately from my lips,
our orgasms into each other flow.

as our bodies and soul fuse in the explosion,
harsh breathing, as we clutch to each other,
clasping at pulsing hardness, as motion frozen,
each twitch within bringing on another,
face buried in neck, as intensity withers,
breathing shallows and we start to relax,
till your softening flesh from my body slithers,
and into your comforting embrace I collapse.

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