Crimson welts

Posing in the office doorway,

making it so very hard to work,

because I clearly want to play,

dressed like this, with my taunting smirk.

Though I am well over forty,

in lot of ways, I am still a child,

because I still relish being naughty,

and sometimes can be totally wild.

I’ve tied ribbons in my dark locks,

and wear white blouse and old school tie,

pleated school skirt and long white socks,

showing an expanse of milky thigh.

Eyelids fluttering so innocent,

saying I’ve been bad, so very bad,

and really deserve chastisement,

for behaving like you forbade.

Ordered to bend over the desk,

trying to feign my reluctance,

playing my part in this burlesque,

by pleading for your forbearance.

Bending to grasp the other side,

my large breasts flattened on the top,

no longer does bare bottom hide,

lush target for that flogging strop.

Walking around, making me wait,

as anticipation does brew,

letting me contemplate my fate,

and the pain that will soon ensue.

Legs trembling with excitement,

when you take your place behind me,

and I await the commencement
for you to thrash the plump arse you see.

Ordering me to count the strokes,

before first lands on bare arse cheeks,

inflicting pain yet passion stokes,

as trickle of arousal leaks.

Those crimson welts upon white flesh,

voice grows more ragged with each strike,

knuckles whiten, and tense afresh,

you wield the strop just as you like.

Each time strop lands, I gasp and jerk,

but finally count to twenty,

stop to admire your handiwork,
for today that will be plenty.

Reddened buttocks marked and burning,

plump folds, so swollen and shining,

arousal easily discerning,

with which your hardness aligning.

Moistening your flesh, with my juices,

as you rub yourself against me,
over skin marked by abuses,

before your cock, answers my plea.

I groan softly, you stroke slowly,

into my burning, liquid core,

stretching and filling me fully,

as rhythm builds and passions soar.

Bucking and writhing beneath you,
muscles spasming and clasping,

screaming as climax courses through,,
as your own release leaves you gasping.


nipples straining against pyjama top,
whilst bottoms are absolutely sodden,
knowing my body is craving release,
because this desire for you, just won’t stop,

in the privacy of my dreams and thoughts,
can at least pretend that you are mine,
as I slip out of this damp night attire,
sprawled on the bed, so wantonly disports,

eyes closed tightly, as my arousal soars,
luxuriating in masturbation,
as my mind conjures that you are right here,
and that the fingers caressing, are yours,

tracing from jaw, to hollow of my throat,
fingernails raking across collarbone,
in their wake, goosebumps raising on my skin,
on my shoulders and down my arms they float.

cupping the curves of my heaving breasts,
giving them attention they’re aching for,
squeezing, kneading and massaging them both,
index fingers circling hardening crests,

nipples grasped between forefingers and thumbs,
pretending pressure felt, are from your teeth,
waves of pleasure flow straight to my clit,
rolling them, and fingernail the top strums,

getting so close to coming, just from this,
but letting hands slide slowly down my flesh,
sliding over smooth mound, to fiery core,
adrift in my thoughts, as I reminisce,

over weeping furrow of my sex slide,
imagining that fingers are your tongue,
as it gathers the nectar that seeps out,
then slowly works its way deeper inside,

scooping out finger of juices that seep
raising up to my mouth, to taste my lust,
before caressing clit, with that wet finger,
while two fingers of other hand delve deep,

tormenting my throbbing and aching clit,
moaning and shuddering from the pleasure,
arching my sweaty flesh well off the bed,
three fingers pumping, in and out of slit.

as hips start jerking, bed springs start squeaking,
squelch of fingering my sopping pussy,
dreaming it’s you giving me pleasure,
runnels of my juices down thighs leaking.

tummy fluttering to frantic strumming,
as mind and fingers push me over edge,
flesh convulses violently in it’s throes,
pulsating ecstasy of such cumming.

sodden sheets, as hot juices freely vent,
body shuddering as my fingers thrust,
moaning your name, as tears run down my cheeks,
riding each new wave, till utterly spent.


thighs lewdly splayed, as wantonly poses,
fingertips against my inner walls flit,
as hot, wet pussy makes slurping noises,
while tongue works it’s magic upon my clit,

lifting trembling hips for better access,
three fingers plunge, to twist and curl inside,
sleek juices trickle down upon mattress,
tip of your tongue does circle and slide,

one wet finger slips down, between the cheeks,
already slick from where juices trickle,
smearing wetness, round tight rosette it seeks,
finger probing, other hand tweaking nipple,

mouth sucking hard upon aching core,
your technique, has me writhing and screaming,
tears of joy from my eyes so freely pour,
arse contracting round finger that’s reaming,

as I lose control and juices flood face,
my body shuddering and my hips twitching,
your invading finger held firmly in place,
that this moment never ends I’m wishing.