thighs lewdly splayed, as wantonly poses,
fingertips against my inner walls flit,
as hot, wet pussy makes slurping noises,
while tongue works it’s magic upon my clit,

lifting trembling hips for better access,
three fingers plunge, to twist and curl inside,
sleek juices trickle down upon mattress,
tip of your tongue does circle and slide,

one wet finger slips down, between the cheeks,
already slick from where juices trickle,
smearing wetness, round tight rosette it seeks,
finger probing, other hand tweaking nipple,

mouth sucking hard upon aching core,
your technique, has me writhing and screaming,
tears of joy from my eyes so freely pour,
arse contracting round finger that’s reaming,

as I lose control and juices flood face,
my body shuddering and my hips twitching,
your invading finger held firmly in place,
that this moment never ends I’m wishing.

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