Elvis’s sensual voice drifts through the air,
shuffling to the beat, unpinning my hair,
with teasing smile, dancing all by myself,
watching as you slowly, undress yourself,
till you’re sitting on bed, not wearing a thing,
as words of the love song, I softly sing,
swaying sensually, to the music pulse,
your grasping fingers, I gently repulse,
gliding out of reach, with a taunting smile,
then start stripping, in an erotic style,
eyes moistly glistening, with inner joy,
pretending to be, so demure and coy.

swaying to the rhythm, moving with ease,
knowing all the moves that will senses please.
caressing myself, through that soft silk blouse,
rubbing fingers on buds, as they arouse,
swaying sensually, slowly to undo,
pearl buttons, till stomach comes into view,
and those womanly curves, beneath sheer lace,
jiggling my breasts, to the rhythmic pace,
as silk blouse, slips from delicate shoulder,
showing more flesh, making your lust smoulder,
next, with overstated movement of hips,
the pleated skirt to the floor, slowly slips,
pale skin contrasted by black lingerie,
heavenly delight, to view any day,
slowly shuffling around, in my bare feet,
those undulating buttocks, your next treat.

flimsy lace garment, that drops to the ground,
as constricted breasts, are at last unbound,
yet, teasingly still hidden from your sight,
moving seductively, within dim light,
fingers cupping, upon those soft bare mounds,
gyrating, to sultry music that sounds,
eyes fixed upon yours, as I make you wait,
moving around, with that sensual gait,
fingers that now grasp, upon puckered peaks,
as they are both given, hardening tweaks,
before offering them, to eager lips,
so you can savour, cherry flavoured tips,
as my fingers slide, into thin waistband,
before wispy lace on my feet, does land.

damp heat, you sense as I straddle your thigh,
and gaze down at you, with a lustful eye,
your tongue swirls around my hard, aching flesh,
in your hair, my grasping fingers enmesh,
pulling warm mouth more firmly, to the chest
as you suckle, upon my sensitive breast,
biting taut flesh, lightly between the teeth,
and your thumbs, caress gently underneath,
grinding myself up and down, upon your thigh,
then leaning backwards, with soft plaintive sigh,
as your attentions grow, bit less tender,
relishing feelings, that does engender,
pushing you firmly backwards, on the bed,
positioning moist need, above your head.

my hair sweeps sensually upon your thighs,
warm mouth upon hardness, skillfully plies,
between my splayed thighs, you return favour,
assault of tongue and teeth, does not waiver,
upon fleshy node, now sprung from its hood,
as my teeth nibble up length of your manhood,
yours gnaw tenderly upon my own hard flesh,
then I start sucking upon you, afresh,
as my finger starts probing, between cheeks,
into tight opening it finds, finally sneaks,
pushing against finger, forcing it deep,
juices upon your face, constantly seep,
know you’re near, as shaft hardens and grows,
thrusting hips upwards, in ejecting throes.

force of your release, causes me to gag,
and from tending to me, you briefly flag,
as your ardency becomes bit flaccid,
concentrate on making my lusts placid,
as I swallow your lustful offering,
sitting upright, your tongue is flickering,
above you, my body sways sensually,
as I pinch my own nipples forcefully,
and my hips dictate to you the rhythm,
for you to bring me nearer to spasm,
and my hand slips downward to help you out,
as your tongue laps up those juices that spout,
swaying sensually as my fingers flit,
till orgasm they expertly permit.

5 thoughts on “Swaying


    comment c’est passé
    comment tu le ressentais
    décris le moi s’il te plait

    je t’embrasse sur le cou en prélude
    je t’étends sur le lit et te dénude
    je te retourne sur le ventre
    caresse tes fesses et ton antre
    avec le pouce j’aguiche ton bourgeon
    qui se gonflera sous mes attouchements
    de ta raie à ta fente mes doigts glissent
    lentement mentent et descendent
    ta fleur s’ouvre et se referme
    laisse couler ton doux miel
    visqueux qui mouille mes doigts
    ta chaleur tout mon corps gagne
    tes cris et tes gémissements
    m’enflamment corps et âme
    et j’accélère mes va et vient
    de tes fesses à ta brulante fente
    mes doigts mentent et descendent
    lentement avec précision
    sans arrêt continuant
    ce va et vient lancinent
    tu geins tu roucoules tu te tords
    le drap tu agrippes et tu mords
    accroupies la croupe en l’air
    toute ton intimité à moi offerte
    palpitante frétillante toute ouverte
    que je masse avec main experte
    mes doigts entrent et ressortent
    dans tes douces et tendres orifices
    ouvertes comme une écrevisse
    goutant béatement les délices
    du désir qui en eux déverse
    toute l’ivresse du plaisir
    tu t’étends tremblante sur le do
    serrant tes cuisse comme un étau
    retenant mes mains dans les tiennes
    tout le corps traversé par des soubresauts
    haletante bouche ouverte
    comme un poisson hors de l’eau
    cherchant l’air les yeux fermés
    je t’écarte les cuisses lape ton doux miel
    délicieusement avec ma langue
    ta tête tangue de gauche à droite
    tu te laisses faire toute geignante
    je me glisse dans ta fente
    tu m’accueilles souriante
    le temps s’est arrêté
    sais plus comment ça c’est passé
    tellement j’étais emporté excité
    je me trouvé sur toi affaler
    nos corps en sueur soudés


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