nipples harden into peaks, hard thick shaft my mouth seeks,
such tingling down the spine, for taste and smell is so divine,
love how it feels to my touch, in pleasuring you just won’t rush,
taste of pre-cum on my tongue, cupping balls so heavily hung,
grabbing handful of my hair, smouldering eyes towards me stare,
my growing lust lace panties soak, as thrusting cock makes me choke,
pussy clenches with aching need, that later you’ll flood me with your seed,
licking crown then swallowing whole, my fingers those heavy balls roll,

your hips and my mouth move as one, as juices start to freely run,
the feel of your tight ball sac, as mouth around them does track,
making them both dripping wet, first one then other does tongue fret,
my mouth so full of your balls, as stroking hand rises and falls,
moving to straddle my chest, pinching hard each aching crest,
around your cock you squash my breasts, still holding on to the crests,
thrusting up head of cock slips, up towards my waiting lips,
fucking my mouth and my tits, my tongue over moving crown flits,

suddenly stopping to kiss my mouth, hand finds my wetness down south,
moving down nipples bites and nips, thick fingers probing between my lips,
squirming round your fingers for more, as two become three then four,
rubbing finger against my g-spot, just making pussy even more hot,
orgasm starting to build, tighten hard round fingers juices gild,
pinching clit so hard that it hurts, flooding warmth as juices squirts,
begging you for some release, and your large fat cock in my crease,
burying yourself so deep inside, then slowly back and forth you slide,

pussy feels so hot, wet and tight, as you twist nipples with painful might,
my fingers slide downward to clit, and upon it urgently flit,
as one orgasm builds and breaks, another builds while flesh still shakes,
juices squirting around your prick, my pussy feels so wet and slick,
you continue till I’ve had four, my orgasmic juices freely pour,
but still you haven’t finished yet, my arse is available and wet,
rolling over, demanding you cum, in the tight, hot depths of my bum,
we’re so wet, you easily glide, your thick cock in my arse does slide,
so tight it doesn’t take very much, before your orgasmic cum does gush,
filling my arse making me come again, and once more my juices rain.

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