trying to act so nonchalant,
as that massive hard-on you flaunt,
in submitting to your wishes, I accede,
and my teasing tongue does taunt,
for I know what you want.

hips thrust urgently in their need,
and my scalp your manly fingers knead,
warm mouth hungrily swallows hard prick,
pleasuring you at just the right speed,
to make you moan and plead.

wrapping my lips round a cock so thick,
up and down that throbbing shaft, I lick,
worshipping every inch of cock,
my wrist jacking you off, so quick,
gagging on mouth full of dick,

against the back of the throat you knock,
as hungrily suck upon your stalk,
feeling your muscles start to grow tense,
as hands on the sides of my head lock,
taking what comes next, I won’t balk.

loud guttural groan, then you commence,
and in spurting spasms, your cum dispense,
back of throat, milking you of that last drop,
in pleasuring you, my pleasure so immense,
that my orgasm is so intense.

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