Writhing passionately

as finger presses deep into my arse, I gasp,

clutching firmly, body tightens as I succumb,

writhing passionately, as I finally come,

fingernails, the flesh of your shoulders sorely rasp.

crying out loudly, as I tremble and shudder,

that tsunami of bliss, which overwhelms the flesh,

twisting your finger around, makes me quiver afresh,

round deeply buried cock, my muscles clench and judder.

the wildness of my pleasure, finally does it,

making you come within me, as I hear your groans,

our hot mingling juices, loud satisfied moans,

overwhelming waft of sex, does our flesh emit.

legs slipping from shoulders, body oozing fluids,

hands gently holding my face, to tenderly kiss,

expressing your feelings in this moment of bliss,

kissing tip of pert nose and my fluttering eyelids.

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