pulling me from the shower cubicle,
naked, dripping water onto the tiles,
water over gorgeous curves does trickle,
hard to resist such wet, feminine wiles,
your slippery flesh, presses against mine,
fullness of soft breasts squashed against hard chest,
urgent mouths meld, as squirming tongues entwine,

the hardness of your cock, between us is pressed,

our wet bodies, sliding upon each other,
fever of our passion, rising in sync,
in the urgent way our tongues do slither,

as bodies back up against the sink,

spinning myself round, bending at the waist,
as my hands flatten upon the marble,
such wanton display, anything but chaste,
watching in mirror, as your hands fondle,
curves of my waggling bottom and my hips,
whilst your hardness prods at my seeping slit,
parting those swollen and slippery lips,
before slipping up and over my clit,
then back between lips, to teasingly taunt,
sliding slowly back and forth, fuelling my lust,
making me wait for what I, so really want,
then pushing back hard, taking you in one thrust,
feeling your girth and length, stretching and filling,
grinning back up at you, in the mirror,
such pulsating hardness within, always thrilling,
watch as you edge forward, moving nearer,
leaning over and wrapping arms round me,
hands fondling my plump, dangling breasts,
eyes locked on each other, relishing lust that we see,
your fingers pinch on those pink, hardened crests,
when you give them a hard tweaking, I just grin,
as I feel you begin to move inside,
sliding nearly out, then thrusting back in,
i’m so damn wet, your cock does easily glide,
grinding my hips, in circular motions,
trying to take you as deep as you’ll go,
surrendering myself to the emotions,
as the molten heat from my core starts to flow,
as mutual passions rise ever steeper,
meeting your hard thrust with one of my own,

faster and harder, longer and deeper,

my voice urges, in a guttural groan,
your balls bouncing of the back of my thighs,
bodies fluidly moving together,
giving in to feelings, closing our eyes,
both lost moment and in each other,
feeling your large cock inside, starting to swell,
as my contracting muscles, clench and clasp,
that we’re both so near, so easily can tell,
and your hand reaches down and my clit does rasp,
that’s enough to push me over the brink,
shaking in euphoric release of need,
clutching at your cock, that did deeply sink,
milking those pulsating spurts of your seed.
joyous tears, running freely down both cheeks,
as ecstasy overwhelms the senses,
opening eyes, yours in the mirror seeks,
finding just love there, free from pretences.
dragging you back to shower cubicle,
for we’re both hot and sweaty from our fun,
those mingled juices down my thighs trickle,
as water pounds, we again become one.

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