Loving kiss

as your cock once more, does harden and swell,
my sleek tongue licks a path, it knows so well,
down to where hardness, against belly does knock,
onto the smooth velvet crown of your cock,
tasting cum, which from that small hole does weep,
fingers around your towering shaft, do creep,
as tongue follows throbbing vein down to balls,
my worshipping mouth, even lower falls,
spreading both your legs and your buttock cheeks,
as that dark pucker, my sensual tongue seeks,
your hips raise, as my tongue circles and probes,
and slowly into your body makes inroads,
fingers return to stroke your hardened shaft,
as my talented tongue demonstrates, it’s craft,
and your anus, does continually spear,
sensually teasing quivering rear,
frantic fingers scrabbling at head,
your approaching climax, so easily read,
as whimpers grow louder, as does your bliss,
giving that puckered rosette, a final kiss,
before I suck on one ball, then the other,
that need for release, no longer smother,
as warmth of my mouth, envelops your length,
and you start cumming, with such awesome strength,
splattering hard, against back of my throat,
as the inside of my sucking mouth, you coat,
swallowing hard, while trying not to gag,
until hardness finally starts to sag,
slipping from mouth and against belly does lean,
carefully I lick you completely clean,
that manly length, that is now so floppy,
slowly I travel back up your body,
teasing nipples, as teeth gnaw with harshness,
leaving both of them, straining with hardness,
before I finally reach for your face,
and upon your waiting lips, my moist lips place,
sharing such loving kiss, as tongues are tracing,
as your own spunky essence, you’re tasting.

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