Just right

around feet puddles, black slip of thin mesh,
against stomach, his hardness hotly throbs,
wiggling my hips against his warm flesh,
as licentious thoughts, into my head bobs,

hot moist lips engulfing swollen nipple,
as his hand squeezes the other full breast,
sharp waves of pleasure, down to clit ripple,
moaning softly, as mouth and hand molest,

that sensual torture, which I adore,
reaching out, trying to grasp his arousal,
but he evades, as he kneels on the floor,
grasping fingers does his neat hair, tousle,

as kisses burn like fire down the belly,
welling dampness, threatening to flood thighs,
hard to stand up, when legs turn to jelly,
when soft kisses along seeping lips plies,

between my thighs and gazing up at me,
soulful eyes glistening in the moonlight,
loving adoration, so plain to see,
and that this whole evening, feels just right.


doing something risky, encouraged by the whiskey,
for we’ve being flirting, and it’s been so diverting,
desire asserting, from sensual words spurting,
now getting frisky, with beneath mistletoe kissy,

intimacy sharing, with a stranger I’m pairing,
our bodies pressing, duelling tongues lust expressing,
buttocks caressing, with my clothing he’s messing,
hands getting daring, inside clothing we’re wearing.

my juices flowing, as our passion is growing,
wanting him so much, yearning for his tender touch,
hardness at his crutch, my fingers finally clutch,
affection showing, as mouth starts gently blowing.

kneeling and sucking, his hips respond by bucking,
in lust we wallow, as his essence I swallow,
more kisses follow, then licks down from neck’s hollow,
clothes quickly shucking, knowing we’ll soon be fucking.