doing something risky, encouraged by the whiskey,
for we’ve being flirting, and it’s been so diverting,
desire asserting, from sensual words spurting,
now getting frisky, with beneath mistletoe kissy,

intimacy sharing, with a stranger I’m pairing,
our bodies pressing, duelling tongues lust expressing,
buttocks caressing, with my clothing he’s messing,
hands getting daring, inside clothing we’re wearing.

my juices flowing, as our passion is growing,
wanting him so much, yearning for his tender touch,
hardness at his crutch, my fingers finally clutch,
affection showing, as mouth starts gently blowing.

kneeling and sucking, his hips respond by bucking,
in lust we wallow, as his essence I swallow,
more kisses follow, then licks down from neck’s hollow,
clothes quickly shucking, knowing we’ll soon be fucking.

10 thoughts on “Frisky

  1. This is a great example of how rhyming can work in conjunction with eroticism. I loved the interline rhyming and the tempo is carried with your near perfect metre. Everything combines to bring the reader along in this highly charged sex scene done artfully and with finesse.


  2. I would love your thoughts on my She’ll Never Know! You are a master at erotica, your opinion would mean a lot, I’ve not writtenbmuch obit but I want to.


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