Sated and senseless

at the mercy of a tall, dark stranger,
while people party in the room next door,
arousal heightened by lust and danger,
as his lusty attentions, thrill to the core,
held face down over the boardroom table,
little black dress yanked up, over the bum,
lacy thong ripped off, access to enable,
probing wetness, with thick fingers and thumb.
one firm shove, massive hardness buried deep,
his hand pressed against the small of my back,
so turned on, that my hot juices freely seep,
with each thrust, his balls against my skin smack.
arching myself back to meet hard shafting,
thumb fucking arse to rhythm of his cock,
force of his pummelling leaving me gasping,
as the table beneath me, starts to rock,
flesh quivering as I start to lose control,
then quaking from such wondrous orgasm,
as wave after wave through body does roll,
thumb and cock gripped tight by clenching spasm.
slumped over table, sated and senseless,
body stretched by such a well endowed hunk,
hoping won’t be the last treat this Christmas,
as I feel my depths filling with his spunk,

7 thoughts on “Sated and senseless

  1. It is sometimes cliché to try to capture the essence of eroticism. Writers can devolve quickly into tired catch phrases, redundant imagery. You have managed to avoid this and penned a highly charged sex scene without debasing it. Highly erotic.

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