Inhibitions loosened

inhibitions loosened by the Cointreau,
sensually kissing beneath mistletoe,
your curious yearnings finally show,
exploring tongues slithering to and fro,
as much needed festive cheer I bestow,
for your year’s been filled with much loss and woe,
need to let me have you, does quickly grow,
last trace of prudish reserve, letting go,
allowing fingers to explore below,
your hot, moist passion around them does flow,
fingertip swirls upon nub with gusto,
senses overwhelmed by that inner glow,
fingers front and rear, orgasmic combo,
tender, loving kisses in afterglow.

4 thoughts on “Inhibitions loosened

  1. I’ve fallen so behind the people I follow here at wordpress. I’ve missed reading you. Or, more honestly, and I don’t say this very often, living vicariously through your art.


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