Festive bout

spending holidays, trying to seduce her,
till finally beneath, mistletoe stands,
to my suggestion, urgent kiss her answer,
then it’s tangling tongues and wandering hands,
exploring luscious curves as she does mine,
peeling her blouse off, tossing it aside,
sheer red festive net, breasts barely confine,
over newly bared skin, hot kisses glide,
tracing along edge of lace of each cup,
pulling cup down to expose pert target,
dark puckered halo, round hardened nub,
as I kiss down, she discards the garment,

around her pouting nub, tongue starts to curl,
keeping eye contact, sucking on left one,
eyes slowly close, tongue continues to swirl,
then cross to the right, so it can share in the fun,
enjoying p the sound of those sensual sighs,
my hand and kisses, skim down to her jeans,
biting lip, as I push them down her thighs,
matching red lace, pussy sexily screens,
hands glide over thighs, then the thin fabric,
slowly pull down briefs, to expose her folds,
wet heat from pussy, feels so fantastic,
as my fingers graze, flushed swollen thresholds.

before sliding in slickness for first time,
kissing lustily, silences her moans,
feeling her pussy quiver, as passions climb,
fingertip finds most erotic of zones,
my kisses move down past those hard nipples,
as fingers sensually slide, in and out,
kissing her mound, feeling sensual ripples,
knowing she wants mouth there, without a doubt,
extending tongue, as I take that first taste,
her honeyed sweetness, soon covers my face,
tongue thrusts deep inside, then along lips traced,
those deep groans and sighs, to tongue’s swirling pace,

two fingers pumping, as she begs for more,
harder and faster, both fingers and tongue,
moans fill room, as back arches off the floor,
as her excitement climbs, rung after rung,
own body clenches to her reactions,
her flesh quivering, juices freely flow,
loudly screams at orgasmic contractions,
her hips buck wildly beneath mistletoe,
as I lap up those juices, that gush out,
my face and fingers are thoroughly soaked,
before she comes down, from our festive bout,
her sweaty, flushed face, so lovingly stroked.