Masturbate for me

masturbate for me,
for I really want to see,
how you make yourself cum,
when fingers sensually strum,

your clothes slowly stripping,
your pussy’s hot and dripping,
closing eyes, so you can’t see my face,
as you discard last scrap of lace,

naked, laying down before me,
so your perfection I can see,
from your large soft breasts,
with their taut pink crests,

to swollen pussy lips,
glistening as arousal drips,
slowly opening your thighs,
just inches from my eyes,

musky scent, strong and arousing,
venting from pink chasm I’m browsing,
as you start to masturbate,
your fingers those pussy lips dilate,

eyes now open, fixed upon mine,
pink inner core, does so wetly shine,
moistening fingers in your crack,
over clit, fingertip does track,

circling slowly round and round,
as your moans start to resound,
steadily building up the pace,
faster and faster does fingertip trace,

occasionally dipping back into wet heat,
while other hand tugs at hardened teat,
till that moment, orgasmically grand,
snapping legs close, around your hand,

watching you convulse with pleasure,
gives me a memory to treasure,
and knowing that I can view,
makes it so much more intense for you,

as your climatic trembling reduces,
fingers coated with your juices,
lifting your fingers to my lips,
so that I can taste you, from your drips.

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