With closed eyes

with closed eyes, body sways so gracefully,
to sensual love song, which only I can hear,
words echoing through my mind, so soulfully,
as I stand by window, wishing you were here,

opening cardigan, button by button,
slipping it from shoulders, elegantly,
revealing lace clad breasts and bellybutton,
as it drops to the floor, redundantly,

crossing arms, starting caressing my flesh,
dreaming that it’s you, that stroking my skin,
slowly removing my bra, of lacy mesh,
across my lips, flits a satisfied grin,

hands slowly moving, cupping beneath breasts,
pushing them upwards, closer together,
circling fingertip, round nipple quests,
caressing with lightness of a feather,

before inflicting that harsher tweaking,
head arching back, breasts thrusting forward,
between swaying thighs, arousal leaking,
one hand on breasts, other slipping downward,

zip upon the swaying hip, slithering,
fallen skirt puddling around shuffling feet,
fingers at silken waistband, dithering,
while others continue tweaking my teat,

that dark stain of arousal visible,
upon material of my peach thong,
ecstasy on my face, perceptible,
swaying gracefully, softly humming song,

fingers edging waistband down, gradually,
first upon one hip and then the other,
removing my last garment, sensually,
naked flesh, getting goose bumps as I shiver,

from the sexual excitement, not the cold,
fingers caressing upon pubic mound,
towards plump, moist lips of womanly fold,
till erect nub of flesh, finally found,

swaying, pleasuring myself leisurely,
the fingers at my core, rub, pinch and flick,
rising to squeeze nipples, occasionally,
inner thighs, with my juices become slick,

in time to music, playing in my mind,
curvaceous body, so sensually sways,
my onlooking neighbour, it does spellbind,
till deep sigh of release from my lips, strays.

4 thoughts on “With closed eyes

  1. I love how your character is sensually experiencing the details of her own body and allows herself to experience her *own* beauty and sexiness. She is dressed appealingly, with seductive lingerie, and undresses like a strip tease for *herself.* She has dressed and strips for her own gaze (although she is confident her lover’s gaze and touch would approve) and gives herself the appreciation and satisfaction she deserves. The sexperts always saw we should love ourselves first before we can best love another fully- and this hot snippet shows just that! I LOVE how she is so confident in her value and it is dependent on NO ONE else! It is rare to see hot snippet that is so truly “self-loving.” You brought self love to another level. Bravo and HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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