At your command

waft of cologne, does my senses assail,
so subtle yet undeniably male,
as you tie the silk scarf, over my eyes,
back of my neck, feels warmth of your sighs,
standing so close, I can feel your body’s heat,
heart starts pounding, to a thunderous beat,
skin starts blushing, in anticipation,
and loins dissolving, in expectation.

as my desire builds slowly but surely,
flesh aching for your touch, so sorely,
wanting to scream for you to do something,
to use and abuse me, just like your plaything,
but in silence, letting the minutes pass,
then your finger trails down spine to my arse,
slowly slipping down in crevice between cheeks,
nearing swollen lips, where arousal leeks.

goose bumps rise upon skin, as I shiver,
wondering how much pain you’ll deliver,
then you stop and guide me towards the bed,
grasping wrists and stretching arms above head,
coarse bite of rope, as you bind wrists tightly,
then wet point of your tongue, traces lightly,
I start to moan, but you order silence,
and I bite my lip, to curb impatience.

whilst your wet tongue, flits like a butterfly,
my arousal trickles, down inner thigh,
and you moisten fingers in the wetness,
before one strokes in fire of my furnace,
another flickers round sensitive nub,
and I struggle to make sure I don’t blub,
tongue and fingers continue their torment,
till finally, scream from my lips are rent,

you stop and heat of your body lessens,
as I brace myself for obedience lessons,
your palm lands, hot and stinging on buttock,
slapping other cheek, causing equal havoc,
then delivers one after the other,
my screams, no longer attempt to smother,
as they echo loudly around the room,
till cheeks are heated and have reddish bloom.

but between slaps, the tender caresses,
and delving fingers, probing ingresses,
that make sure the hurt, is not overdone,
so that pain and pleasure merge into one,
till body arches, in it’s ache and need,
and finally my begging, do you heed,
for you stop, and I sense that you undress,
before into wet heat, hardness does press,

finger rubs nub, in rhythm to your stroke,
ever harder and faster, does it poke,
commanding me, not to cum till you say,
urgent need of my flesh, does nearly betray,
as I struggle to contain my release,
till I feel you exploding in my crease,
and now hoarse voice, commanding me to cum,
joining you in ecstasy, as I succumb.