Stolen moment

hurriedly pushing open the bedroom door,
passionately kissing and undressing,
enslaved by those wanton passions that soar,
giving in to lust we’ve tried suppressing,
there’s no need now, to say a single thing,
for yearning need in your eye, says enough,
my lips, your tongue is forcefully parting
yielding, your advances I don’t rebuff,

tongues touching and exploring the others,
our hands pulling bodies even tighter,
forgetting that we are wives and mothers,
for this stolen moment, makes life brighter,
upon the floor, discarded clothes are strewn,
as you push me backwards, onto the bed,
there is no gentleness this afternoon,
just the urgency with which clothes are shed.

your mouth fastens upon my heaving breast,
grabbing back of your neck, to hold your there,
other hand goes between thighs to molest,
parting plump lips, fingering your moist lair,
as your leg presses against my wet mound,
sliding back and forth upon knee beneath,
my fingers deep into your wetness pound,
you start pulling my nipple with your teeth.

tugging gently at first and then much stronger,
till the exquisite hurt, causes gasps,
me pulling back just makes the ache sharper,
fingers plunge deep and fast, as my thumb rasps,
grinding myself against your thrusting knee,
as nothing else matters at the moment,
but the pain and pleasure you’re giving me,
and need for release becomes so urgent.

arching my neck back, as body tenses,
whispering your name and then screaming it,
when my orgasm engulfs my senses,
as teeth upon nipple, gratingly bit,
then your scream joins mine, as you let it go,
and we quiver from each succeeding wave,
clutching to each other, as juices flow,
both pleased we took the time, to misbehave.

At your command

waft of cologne, does my senses assail,
so subtle yet undeniably male,
as you tie the silk scarf, over my eyes,
back of my neck, feels warmth of your sighs,
standing so close, I can feel your body’s heat,
heart starts pounding, to a thunderous beat,
skin starts blushing, in anticipation,
and loins dissolving, in expectation.

as my desire builds slowly but surely,
flesh aching for your touch, so sorely,
wanting to scream for you to do something,
to use and abuse me, just like your plaything,
but in silence, letting the minutes pass,
then your finger trails down spine to my arse,
slowly slipping down in crevice between cheeks,
nearing swollen lips, where arousal leeks.

goose bumps rise upon skin, as I shiver,
wondering how much pain you’ll deliver,
then you stop and guide me towards the bed,
grasping wrists and stretching arms above head,
coarse bite of rope, as you bind wrists tightly,
then wet point of your tongue, traces lightly,
I start to moan, but you order silence,
and I bite my lip, to curb impatience.

whilst your wet tongue, flits like a butterfly,
my arousal trickles, down inner thigh,
and you moisten fingers in the wetness,
before one strokes in fire of my furnace,
another flickers round sensitive nub,
and I struggle to make sure I don’t blub,
tongue and fingers continue their torment,
till finally, scream from my lips are rent,

you stop and heat of your body lessens,
as I brace myself for obedience lessons,
your palm lands, hot and stinging on buttock,
slapping other cheek, causing equal havoc,
then delivers one after the other,
my screams, no longer attempt to smother,
as they echo loudly around the room,
till cheeks are heated and have reddish bloom.

but between slaps, the tender caresses,
and delving fingers, probing ingresses,
that make sure the hurt, is not overdone,
so that pain and pleasure merge into one,
till body arches, in it’s ache and need,
and finally my begging, do you heed,
for you stop, and I sense that you undress,
before into wet heat, hardness does press,

finger rubs nub, in rhythm to your stroke,
ever harder and faster, does it poke,
commanding me, not to cum till you say,
urgent need of my flesh, does nearly betray,
as I struggle to contain my release,
till I feel you exploding in my crease,
and now hoarse voice, commanding me to cum,
joining you in ecstasy, as I succumb.

With each thrust

massaging that special spot with each thrust,
much deeper than any man’s ever been,
maintaining that very sensual routine,
withdrawing slowly, thrusting back with lust,
filling me so much, that think that I’ll bust,
pounding rhythmically, just like a machine,
flushed flesh glistening with erotic sheen,
feeling such hardness as orgasm bursts,
flooding my insides with your spurting streams,
as my own hot juices, shower your balls,
your guttural groans, my ecstatic screams,
totally spent, upon me your body falls,
quivering beneath you, from love’s extremes,
lost in afterglow, such loving installs.



finally naked, both of us no longer timid,

limbs entangled, bodies pressing,

with fingers tenderly caressing,

your lips capturing mine, before tongues sensually entwine,

losing ourselves for minutes within our kiss,

then forwardness, shows I’m lacking in shyness,

playfully wicked, nipples bitten and teased till turgid,

as my mouth descends towards your penis,

painfully rigid, crowned by drop of seeping fluid,

kissing upon your inner thigh,

till that yearning flesh, feels the breath of my sigh,

massaging your thighs and hips, blowing on you with pursed lips,

up and down the shaft and down to the balls,

skin tickled by my loosened hair, that falls,

at sensually teasing your manly flesh, I’m unhurried,

way I’m making love to you, just enthralls.


achingly tumid, patience finally rewarded,

fingernail scraping down your pride,

then tickles throbbing vein at the side,

upon crown of the helmet, smearing that seeping droplet,

my teasing just increases your hardness,

smiling impishly, pleased by my lewdness,

skilfully varied, for erotic touch is learned,

as fingernail scrapes at the orifice,

teasingly fretted, till my red nail covered with liquid,

raising my finger to my lips,

savouring salty taste of your drips,

one hand stroking up and down, while other teases the crown,

before finally lowering my head,

and through my sweeping curls, your fingers thread,

fluttering eyelids, as breath gets increasingly ragged,

head bobbing until seed explosively shed.



steady pressure of your cock,

at the tight clench of my arse,

as your entrance tries to block,

but you just press harder to pass,

till thick crown nudges inside,

opening and stretching me,

as deeper inside does slide,

and my profanities flow free.



till I’m filled with such fullness,

thinking I’m going to burst,

and not entirely painless,

but knowing I’m over the worst,

so slowly and carefully,

easing yourself in and out,

till I respond lustfully,

and now encouragement shout.



our body folds against my back,

one hand cupping jiggling breast,

your pounding hips never slack,

as fingers tweak hardened crest.

other hand plays between thighs,

rubbing away at my clit,

taking me to sensual highs,

before fingers fill my slit.



as you increase the pace,

stroking harder and faster,

to orgasm senses race,

feelings I try to master,

as your cock slams into you,

body bouncing as it’s jarred,

while some fingers deeply screw,

others twist my nipple hard.



then my release does allow,

when you groan into my ear,

that you want me to cum now,

as you spurt deep in my rear,

body against you does thresh,

as the tight clench of my arse,

convulses round your hard flesh,

until orgasmic waves pass.


attracted to the swarthy foreigner,
leading him cross dance floor, to dark corner,
glistening bodies, grinding to the beat,
backing up into him, feeling his heat,

swaying, pressing my arse hard against him,
gyrating hips, as my curves his hands skim,
writhing the rhythm of the music,
giving in to needs, wanton and basic.

guiding his hands up, from belly to breasts,
filling his palms, as thumbs brush hardened crests,
stroking his manhood with arse, through damp clothes,
feeling arousal harden, as it grows,

leaning and sweating against each other,
knowing that tonight he’ll be my lover,
as his hands wander back down to the thighs,
both now so turned on, neither can disguise.

as fingers move up, beneath short black skirt,
stroking inner thighs, touch does disconcert,
grinding myself ever harder backwards,
as his fingertips edge ever upwards,

when they graze across those bare hot, moist lips,
gasping, as finger moistens in those drips,
mouth tenderly nibbling and kissing the neck,
last vestige of my composure, does wreck,

as fingertip circles my throbbing clit,
slouching slightly, as he explores my slit,
ignoring what other dancers, might think,
letting him take me, so close to the brink,

his whispered suggestion, I don’t decline,
and grasping his sticky fingers, with mine
leading him once more, across the dance floor,
so urgently towards the restroom door.