steady pressure of your cock,

at the tight clench of my arse,

as your entrance tries to block,

but you just press harder to pass,

till thick crown nudges inside,

opening and stretching me,

as deeper inside does slide,

and my profanities flow free.



till I’m filled with such fullness,

thinking I’m going to burst,

and not entirely painless,

but knowing I’m over the worst,

so slowly and carefully,

easing yourself in and out,

till I respond lustfully,

and now encouragement shout.



our body folds against my back,

one hand cupping jiggling breast,

your pounding hips never slack,

as fingers tweak hardened crest.

other hand plays between thighs,

rubbing away at my clit,

taking me to sensual highs,

before fingers fill my slit.



as you increase the pace,

stroking harder and faster,

to orgasm senses race,

feelings I try to master,

as your cock slams into you,

body bouncing as it’s jarred,

while some fingers deeply screw,

others twist my nipple hard.



then my release does allow,

when you groan into my ear,

that you want me to cum now,

as you spurt deep in my rear,

body against you does thresh,

as the tight clench of my arse,

convulses round your hard flesh,

until orgasmic waves pass.

17 thoughts on “Tight

  1. I’d like to know. Do these verses flow from you in one continuous spurt of inspired visualization? Or do you have to work it in, a little at a time, and tease it along to shape it into its own spontaneous climax of meaning? 😉
    Either way you do it, your spice is so nice!


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