finally naked, both of us no longer timid,

limbs entangled, bodies pressing,

with fingers tenderly caressing,

your lips capturing mine, before tongues sensually entwine,

losing ourselves for minutes within our kiss,

then forwardness, shows I’m lacking in shyness,

playfully wicked, nipples bitten and teased till turgid,

as my mouth descends towards your penis,

painfully rigid, crowned by drop of seeping fluid,

kissing upon your inner thigh,

till that yearning flesh, feels the breath of my sigh,

massaging your thighs and hips, blowing on you with pursed lips,

up and down the shaft and down to the balls,

skin tickled by my loosened hair, that falls,

at sensually teasing your manly flesh, I’m unhurried,

way I’m making love to you, just enthralls.


achingly tumid, patience finally rewarded,

fingernail scraping down your pride,

then tickles throbbing vein at the side,

upon crown of the helmet, smearing that seeping droplet,

my teasing just increases your hardness,

smiling impishly, pleased by my lewdness,

skilfully varied, for erotic touch is learned,

as fingernail scrapes at the orifice,

teasingly fretted, till my red nail covered with liquid,

raising my finger to my lips,

savouring salty taste of your drips,

one hand stroking up and down, while other teases the crown,

before finally lowering my head,

and through my sweeping curls, your fingers thread,

fluttering eyelids, as breath gets increasingly ragged,

head bobbing until seed explosively shed.


8 thoughts on “Rigid

  1. …phew… that’s quite the build. Playful and passionate but the imagery is so gentle and adoring. It’s a really fun arousing piece with more of a romantic skewed desire.
    That all said it’s damn hot and a great read!!!


  2. Why did I have the plumber reinstall my water heater!?! Nah, this is an immediate do-it-yourself job, I’m ripping it out, hot water pipes too! Cold shower awaits… Forevermore. Haha.


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