Stolen moment

hurriedly pushing open the bedroom door,
passionately kissing and undressing,
enslaved by those wanton passions that soar,
giving in to lust we’ve tried suppressing,
there’s no need now, to say a single thing,
for yearning need in your eye, says enough,
my lips, your tongue is forcefully parting
yielding, your advances I don’t rebuff,

tongues touching and exploring the others,
our hands pulling bodies even tighter,
forgetting that we are wives and mothers,
for this stolen moment, makes life brighter,
upon the floor, discarded clothes are strewn,
as you push me backwards, onto the bed,
there is no gentleness this afternoon,
just the urgency with which clothes are shed.

your mouth fastens upon my heaving breast,
grabbing back of your neck, to hold your there,
other hand goes between thighs to molest,
parting plump lips, fingering your moist lair,
as your leg presses against my wet mound,
sliding back and forth upon knee beneath,
my fingers deep into your wetness pound,
you start pulling my nipple with your teeth.

tugging gently at first and then much stronger,
till the exquisite hurt, causes gasps,
me pulling back just makes the ache sharper,
fingers plunge deep and fast, as my thumb rasps,
grinding myself against your thrusting knee,
as nothing else matters at the moment,
but the pain and pleasure you’re giving me,
and need for release becomes so urgent.

arching my neck back, as body tenses,
whispering your name and then screaming it,
when my orgasm engulfs my senses,
as teeth upon nipple, gratingly bit,
then your scream joins mine, as you let it go,
and we quiver from each succeeding wave,
clutching to each other, as juices flow,
both pleased we took the time, to misbehave.

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